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this contain Encanto's song 'we don't talk about bruno' but I changed some words, better use your sound <3 cliché chapter alert wee woo wee woo

this contain Encanto's song 'we don't talk about bruno' but I changed some words, better use your sound <3 cliché chapter alert wee woo wee woo

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"No, Abuela Alma. I'm not going to take care of that uhh..." your gaze locked to a bunch of kids behind you. "Those cursed gremlins."

"No, Y/N. You're gonna take care of those childs for the whole day, and they are not gremlins. Look at my grandson Camilo, he's having fun with the kids." Alma vocal, pointing at the boy with proud smile.

"I'm not your grandson, so I'm outta here. Ba-bye."

"Stay or I will order Luisa to crush your existence by her gigantic body." she threatened.

"Wow, I felt so scared. But sure, I want to die anyways. I'm not objecting anything, go on." you replied sarcastically, opening your arms to receive the death penalty.

"Oh my goodness, what am I going to do with you." Alma tiredly face palm. "Uhh you said you'll order Luisaboo to crush me. That's what you're gonna do."

Just her staring at you making her want to go with her husband already. Pedro... please come and get me, I'm tired of everyone's bullshit, including mine

"Y/N Romero Marifoso." you stopped moving from your position and turn your head to her figure in a robotic way. "Are you going to take care of those kids for the whole day or I'll make it 2 weeks."

Oww... I think that's my full name haha

Saliva ran down on your throat as you scratches the back of your head with a silly way. "My Abuela said, listen to elders so yeah, I will take good take of those gremlins. Haha!~"

"Good." she smiled and turn her heels around you before walking to her amigas to talk about some things.

"This is why I don't want to fuck around with old peoples." you sigh and unwrap a strawberry flavored lollipop.

"Abuela! Y/N is saying something bad about you!!!" Camilo shouted, out of instinct, your palm made a contract with his cheek aggressively. "Uhh..."

His hand came to hold his cheek, many drops of tears now verging to fall. "Mama..." he sob.

Nothing came out to your mouth. Inside, you were debating whether you are going to apologize or just laugh it off, but looking at his silent crying state made your mind go 50/50.

Them it clicked you, you took an Arepas from your small pocket bag on your waist and shove it to his mouth. In an instant, the mark of your hand on the side of his face vanished and he stopped crying to, which is lucky for you. I've always thought that I could use Tia Julieta's food everywhere

"I'm gonna tell this to mama later." he threat. "You got no evidence now. How would she believe you? Hmm?" you asked calmly with a smug face, him not knowing that you're already panicking inside by what he just said.

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