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2 days after that stormy day, you and Camilo were grounded for the remaining days before the triplet's birthday celebration on Abuela's order.

She said that both of you need to learn your lesson before the ceremony, and here you are again. Sitting on a wooden chair while holding a broom, imagining some scenarios that will never happen.

"This is tooooooo boring." you heard a loud groan behind you. "Whose fault is this?" you sarcastically mumble, enough for him to hear.

"Yours duhh, who else?" he calmly retorted. "So it's mine now?"

"Yup, it's yours to begin with and not mine. Now, tell Abuela it's your fault so I can go out. Go shoo shoo."

"Wow, in your tone it sounds like you didn't begged me just to stop the hurricane the other day. Wow, really." you clap your hand with scoffed remark.

He clicked his tongue in annoyance and just walk away, but stop for a while point at something. "Your hair... uhh looks weird today."

He said, looking at your h/c colored tailbone length hair, it was styled in a straight but wavy end, same as Isabela.

"Hmmm? Is that how you compliment someone's hair?"

"I'm not complimenting your hair, stop assuming, would you?"

"Fine fine, but yeah, it looks weird today. My hair change style, even color every month and I am quite used to it. Want to ruffle my hair?" you playfully asked, twirling a lock of your hair on your finger.

"Pass. I don't like touching someone's hair." he was about to leave but unfortunately for him, you came up with such an mischievous idea for payback.

Walking away he was suddenly tripped for no reason or maybe there is.

"Why can't you stop pestering me with your shits for a whole day? You've been really-- URRGGGHH!" he growled.

"Huh? What are you talking about? I'm seriously doing nothing." you vocal. "You literally made me stumble on the ground, I know you're the one who-"

"You know, Carmilo, can you not always accuse me for all the bad things that happening to you? Maybe it's just your karma for doing troubles, so stop." you interjected in the middle of his nonsense, raising your palm in front of his face so he could stop.

"I am not accusing you because I know that you--" he pointed his index finger straight to your forehead and continue, "--are the one who's responsible to it. Now, try to deny."

"I am not guilty! Why don't you ask Casita about it!" you retorted, irritated with his bullshits already.

"Fine. But if I proven that you, Y/N, is the one behind the incident earlier. Be ready." you raise an eyebrow before rolling your eyes from his antics. "CASITA!!"

Tiles on the floor started to make some noise as Camilo crossed his arms and ask, "So Casita, did you saw Y/N use her power to trip me?"

One side of the tiles move up and down. "Huh? What do you mean you don't know?"

"Well duh, because it's not me." you place your hands on your hips and stare at him smugly.

"Shut up, I'm not talking to you!-- DOLORES!!" Madrigal's second born grandchild of Alma popped her head on her room's door frame, with eyes saying 'spill it bitch I still have date with my lovely baby honey macho mack Mariano!'.

"You heard everything, tell me now, simp." Dolores rolled her eyes and sigh. "It's Casita."

"AHA! I knew you did it, you little rascal-- Wait, Casita?" Camilo lowered his head down on the floor. One of the tiles move up and down, saying 'yes, bud. I just want to have fun like we used to do'.

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