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And now finally, today is the day of the ceremony, the 51st birthday celebration of triplets. Everyone were now getting ready for the gathering, the peoples in town are waiting since morning after all.

In Abuela's dismay, Bruno cannot attend his and his sister's birthday ceremony, but he sent a letter of apology that saying he could really not attend.

It's now four thirty in the afternoon and forty five minutes before the start of the event. Here we are now where Abuela saying to Pepa to call herself down, 'cause she almost sent everyone to heaven for being nervous she is.

While everyone else were panicking about the nearing celebration, here you are, sleeping peacefully with some light snores and peasant dream.

"The sky is too beautiful, isn't it, Y/N?" an old woman asked, looking forward to the sky, her back facing you.

"It is." you simply replied in a calm manner.

The old woman were standing at the peak of a very tall mountain, smiling widely as she sat down. "Come and sit with me, to have some little talk about your long day."

You obligated what she said and sat beside the old woman in peace. You noticed that your hair was too long which perhaps has reached the foot of the mountain, and you somewhat can't control it.

Maybe because of the fact that you were inside of your dream.

"How are you these days?" she asked. "As usual, imagining many things that will never happen."

"You really love imagining things, aren't you?"

"Yeah, that always make me happy. But it's nice to see you here again, Abuela." she reached for your cheeks and tuck some fallen strands of hair on your ear.

"You look sad today, what happened?" smile made its way in your face, as you flashes her a pleasant expression. "What do you mean? I'm happy today!"

"You're lying, you know that it's bad to lie at your abuela. Come on, you can tell me what's bugging you... what's wrong?" chuckle escaped on your lips as you just say nothing but just bury your face on her chest, wrapping your arms around her.

"Everything." you mumble.

"Is that so?"

"Yeah. Abuela, tell me..." you pull away from her and stare deeply to her eyes, your vision turned blurry all of the sudden before you heard a sniff coming from you.

"Am I--"

"Y/N... Y/N! Y/NNNNNN!!!!" you jolted on your bed from the sudden call of your name. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!"

"Abuela is looking for you, come down stairs already before she come here and drag you out." that sassy pomelo said.

"Wow, I'm scared. Tell her I have something important to do." you cover yourself in blanket and continue to sleep.

"Fine! I'm going to tell this to Abuela!" he stomped his feet on the wooden floor with his brows knitted. "Yeah, wake me up when I care."

After a minute or two, you heard your room's door bursted open but you didn't mind it and just continue whatever you were doing.

"Y/N, come with us now. Get off your bed and change to your proper attire, everyone is waiting for you." an old woman voice utter.

You peek on your blanket and fake a cough. "I think... cough cough!!!! I'm sickkk..."

"Is that so? Let me see." she walk towards your bed and sat on the edge, her palm placed on your forehead and check your temperature.

"You're quite hot." she sadly sigh and cover your shoulder with the blanket. "I guess you need to rest here for a while."

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