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September 30th, 2023: 3:35 a

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September 30th, 2023: 3:35 a.m.

"Fuck, Giovanni!" Noelle let out holding tight onto the bed.

"That's not my name, fix it." I panted pulling out of her causing her to whine.

Hey y'all I know it's late, but when you have a pregnant wife who hormones all over the place you'd be having sex at different times of the day and I'm not even complaining.

"Da- ouuu f-fuck yess i-imma cum" she moaned out when I shoved my length back inside of her.

"Mhmm you gone make this pussy squirt for daddy" I asked pulling out then I turned her over so she was laying on her back then I slid back in.

"Oh my gosh yesssss" she moaned out with tears of pleasure rolling down her face.

"You so fucking sexy, fuck I'm finna nut all in yo pussy" I panted while looking down at her then she started rubbing her clit as I sped up my strokes.

"R-right RIGHT thereeeee" she moaned out then her mouth flew opened as she started shaking and squirting all over me.

"Fuck! Keep rubbing yo pussy" I groaned fucking her through her orgasm.

"Uhhh Noelleee" I moaned stroking her one last time then I nutted deep inside of her then she clenched around me.

"G-gimme allat nut daddy" she panted looking at me causing me to groan as I felt another load coming out then I bent down and kissed her.

"If yo ass wasn't pregnant you sholl would be pregnant now" I husked imagine her causing her to moan then her eyes rolled back.

"Orgasm 7" I said then I moved her hand from her pussy and pulled out.

"Put it back" she whined then I slid back inside her warm canal.

"We can't sleep like this" I said then she sucked her teeth.

"I'm sleepy pookie" she yawned.

"Pee for me and I'll do the rest" I said then she nodded.

"Ok, thank you for accommodating to my needs this late" she said smiling.

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