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Camilo groan softly from the headache he now have from having too much drink he had last night.

Eyes widened from the sight where he was in right now, he froze on the spot. What in hell happened last night...

He was there, sitting on a familiar room. At the very first glance, he knew that it wasn't his room. Because it was clearly yours.

He heard the bathroom door of the room swing open, revealing you on your casual attire with towel on your head.

"Morning, mister broken hearted. How's your night? You're quite a good boy last night." you cooed, as Camilo grew confused about what you said.

He slowly covered his body with his bare arms while realizing what you said. "Did you touched me?! You pervert!!"

"Huh? But you said last night, we should do it more often." you tried to look innocent.

"I will never say that!! Wait- did I really said that?!"

"You did." you deadpanned. "Oh my God... what have I done...?" panic were now taking over to Camilo's mind.

"You did great." you flashes him a thumbs up. "Ohh~ I can't get over with the face you made last night~ Too cute to forget."

"What happened last night? Tell me the exact details." he demanded. "Wanna know that much?" rolling his eyes form you, he nod.

"Then get in your knees and beg." you held his chin up with your index finger and smirk on the face he was making right now, he was too red. "Like what you did last night."

"I will never do such a thing! NEVER!" he pushed you out of the way and grumpily walk out.

"Why don't you look at your neck?" he stopped from his tracks and took the small mirror from a drawer of your things, then gasped.

"See that?" he touched the lower side of his neck, seeing a bite mark on it turned his face more red than it is earlier. "I wonder who did that. But it looks nice, right?"

The mirror slipped out of his hand but you luckily caught it, saving it from shattering.

Turning his head to you with robotic movements, he kicked the back of your knees, making you fall in your knees. "Argh--" with that, he left.

"What happened?" Abuela who was about to wake you two up asked you in confusion, raising her one brow.

"He's just trying to remember what he did last night." you said, now walking with her down stairs to have some breakfast.

She nod in understanding and take the coffee Mirabel offered her and have some little talk with Dolores.

"Good morning, future daughter-in-law." Felix greeted you with his usual grin. "What in hell do you mean by that? Btw, good morning to you too."

"Last night was too great." Agustin utter out of nowhere, sipping his coffee with satisfied smile.

You and Felix glance at each other and tried not to laugh about what Agustin talking about. "Well, what happened?" Felix asked, in slight confusion but in reality he just wanted to know.

"I bet he finally convinced Tía Julieta about the son making thing." you said, making Felix chortle.

"How did you know?!" Agustin gasp. "Papa Felix and I have clairvoyance."

"Felix have super powers?" he asked in shock. Felix was about to say something but a loud shout of your name cutted him in process.

"Y/N, where are you?!! You carnivore, come out wherever you are!!" Camilo shouted from the staircase of the house.

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