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Four days after that day, you and Camilo are finally friends. Abuela was really happy when she heard the news.

But neither you nor Camilo spoke about his breakdown that happened on the mountain. Cause he said he don't want them to know about it, he didn't want to burden them.

So today what like everyday, fighting for your life cause Luisa said so. She had you on her grasp, not wanting to let you go until you finished your daily exercise with her.

And Camilo being a kind soul, he join to your place. He thought it's nothing serious but that's only his thought.

Dolores watch the three of you with Abuela at the Casa Madrigal's second floor balcony. "They look very good at each other's company." Abuela said, making Dolores nod in agreement.

"Umm Abuela..." Alma hummed at her granddaughter's words, signalling her to continue. "Have you felt something weird about Y/N?"

"What do you mean, Dolores?"

"There's many weird things I heard every night at her room. Also, I've been hearing an unfamiliar footsteps walking around the whole town everyday wherever Y/N go." Dolores confessed, now walking with Abuela to your room.

"Yeah, I actually heard about the ghost Camilo saw the night of my childrens birthday." Abuela vocal, looking all concerned.

"But I think it's not coming from Y/N herself. Maybe there's something going on. Or maybe she's here with Y/N." she added, whispering the last part.

"Who is it?"

Abuela sigh and place some white sheets of fabrics on your bed. "Nevermind, it's impossible anyway. They said... she's dead."

"Dead?" Dolores watch her Abuela walk out of your room while whispering that word. She was about to follow Alma to ask about it but a small glowing orb or something like that caught her eyes.

It was resting beside your bed pillow, slowly walking close near the thing. She carefully pick it up, it turns out to be a small round bell. She shakes it gently, causing it to ring.

The sound to her ears doesn't affect her too much, it wasn't irritatingly bad. In all honesty, she likes the chimes coming out of it.

She also noticed a very small black dot with some lines like roots but she just shrugged it.

She smiles full heartedly and about it go out now but a loud this stopped her again, turning her heels around she saw you on the floor, looking all shambles from the dress, hair and many more. You look like a total mess.

She got confused when you suddenly extended your hand infront of her, making her tilt her head to side.

"Bell." you pant like an old woman who ran over a hundred kilometers. "Oww right, I was about to ask you if I could have it? It sounds nice."

"Sorry, but that's out of limits." you awkwardly smile, she furrowed her eye brows in disappointment and handed you the bell.

You make the bell rang with gentle shakes. As your hair that's too messy turned into your casual hairstyle, that caught Dolores interest.

"This is the source of my power. If I lost this then my magic will vanish." you said, finally looking human again.

The only thing older girl can do is to squeaks in embarrassment, from the thing she just asked you earlier but you said that it's fine, so it probably lighten up her chest.

"Y/N, you need to accompany me to the donkey barn and the cow house too!" Camilo bursted into your room, looking all energetic after he accomplished Luisa's deadly training.

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