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"You ready?" questioning Camilo who were walking out of his room. He nod as respond, grinning widely from the excitement boiling up inside him.

"Are we really going there?" he childishly asked, hugging your left arm. "I promised you that last night duh."

"I can't believe you haven't forgotten that."

"Are you saying I'm a forgetful person?" you said, looking all offended by what he said. "Yeah, you are."

You just sigh in defeat and make him follow you to the treehouse. "What's that again? I forgot." him pointing at the thing made of bundles of bamboos that fastened together by ropes.

"Uhh a raft?"

"Yeah, right! A raft." you look at him smugly and say, "Did you really forgotten the word? I seriously told you that 10 minutes ago."

"You telling me that I'm forgetful like you?" with his brows knitted, you chuckle. "Maybe?"

"Come on. Before they could caught us." you were about to step on the raft but he asked, "But we still need to tell them- or someone that we're going somewhere. You know... to not make them worried."

"C'mon man, I already wrote a kidnapping letter to your Abuela. No need to worry."

"Did you just said... KIDNAPPING LETTER?!" he accidentally shouted.

"Don't shout on my face, Dolores will surely hear you." you push his face away, now putting three bags of some things on the raft.

"But what did you wrote to it?" you tried to think about what you just scribble on that paper. "That doesn't matter."

"Y/N!" you roll your eyes from him, as you gave him a bored stare. "If you say another word we're not going anywhere."

Both of you had a staring contest for a few seconds, before him giving you a defeated face. "Good boy." you pat his head with a wicked giggle.

The wind started to get stronger, as the raft you guys standing at began to float in the air. "Are we really going to the ocean with this?"

"Nope, we'll just use it to get out of Encanto and the rest of the trip... I don't know yet." you sheepishly nudge his shoulder.

"Hold tight, carrot. I don't want you to fall, but you can fall for me instead." you flirted, while circling one of your hair's lock to his waist and make the raft float more higher. But when you were about to leave, a sudden voice stopped you.

"Where are you going?" both of you flinched from the voice, turning you heads down on the ground. You and Camilo say Mirabel holding Antonio's hand, confused face masking their faces.

"Uhh to collect herbs?" you anxiously state, not knowing what to say to the girl. "I just finished helping my Mama do that. Now, tell me." she demanded, tapping her feet.

"You know, Mirabel, no offense but sometimes you need to step out of someone's things. Especially, when it's important." you calmly explained, not wanting to hurt her feelings or what.

"I don't give a single shit. I literally meddled our family's miracle downfall without any hesitation and your thing will never stop me. NeVeRrrR!" she said, making you irk.

"Now, you're going to tell me or..." you stare at her in dull before asking 'or what' even though you already know what she's going to say. "I'm going to tell this to Abuela."

Too classic.

"Okay." you said, not caring even she tells it to her Abuela or things before flying away.

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