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After everything that had happened on that Friday afternoon, Lj was proven to be fine by the doctors and was able to go home on Sunday morning. Her auntie Kumiko flew in on Saturday morning and both were excited to see each other.

The last time Lj had seen her aunt in person was about four years ago when her moms got married and went on their honeymoon to Greece and Kumiko took care of her for the two weeks they were away.

Both Eleanor and Veronica were trying to get a flight back to California from their business trip in Japan but Kumiko told them not to come back because Lj was ok and there was no point because she was going to take care of her for the next few weeks while they were gone. Hesitantly they agreed to it, Eleanor knew her aunt could take care of her.

Now around two weeks after the incident, Lj was doing fine and she just tried to forget everything that happened due to it really scaring her, she was scared to leave her house without someone with her. She wasn't even the only ones scared.

Liz walked home with her after school, Kenny walked to school with her before, Victoria picked her up for her karate classes and the dropped her home. Miguel and Eli weren't just looking out for Lj but Victoria too.

The blonde was practically a walking target and they were waiting for the right time to strike.

Now today was another Friday, Lj was invited to the drive in with her dojo along with Liz who was happily able to tag along. But before she could go home Liz dragged her to a baseball game that was some big deal apparently at the middle school.

Both girls walked along the back of the school, hearing the cheers of other students who were surrounding the baseball diamond but no teams were able to be seem. Liz took her along the front of all the seats, she looked over at all of the middle schoolers looking around and cheering.

"So Liz why are we here? The only thing I know about baseball is that Benny Rodriguez played it in The Sandlot." Lj complained, sitting beside her on the bench watching some of the team members from the other school walk out.

"Because we here to see the game, it will be fun." Liz told the girl who was watching an unfamiliar pair of boys walk over to them, both smiling and holding baseball bats which kinda freaked Lj out. "Are they gonna kill us?" The girl mumbled under her breath causing Lj to shrug, their eyes still following the two boys who were now standing in front of them.

"Hey Liz." One of the boys greeted the curly haired girl, she smiled slightly and both began a small conversation between themselves. The other two teenagers were awkwardly there until the boy liz was talking to hit the others shoulder, making eyes to Lj who wasn't bothered.

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