11 || THE SONG

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"Well...that was awkward."

FIONA, LUCAS AND DUSTIN, were following after Steve and Max. Max had decided to leave and go somewhere but Steve was against that idea.

"Max, Max. Seriously." Steve yelled after the girl who didn't once look back. "Seriously, I'm not joking. I'm not driving you anywhere." Steve told the redhead, finally catching up to her.

"Steve, if you think I'm going to spend what is likely the last day of my life in the armpit that is Mike Wheeler's basement, then you're out of your mind." Max told the boy, walking even faster as they were approaching the car.

"So, take me where I need to go or tie me down, which is technically kidnapping of a minor. And if I live to see another day, Steve, I swear to God, I will prosecute." Max told him as they had arrived at the car.

Max had tried to open the car door, only for it to not open. "Open the door."

"Uh, no..." Steve told the girl, looking at her with a 'why would I do that face. "I know a good lawyer." Max informed the Harrington boy making him look at her dumbfounded before taking out his keys and opening the door.

"Henderson," Steve said, looking at the boy who was ready to get into the passenger seat, "that super walkie talkie of yours better reach Pennhurst." Steve warned.

Everybody then got into the car but sadly for Fiona, she was squashed in the middle seat making her groan. "Why do I have to sit here."

"'Cause we are living in a material world and I am a material girl! Sing it, Steve!" Fiona yelled as she sang along to the song which was playing on the radio as they drove.

"You know that we are living in a material world and I am a-" Fiona's singing got cut off by Steve turning off the radio leaving the whole car in silence.

"Well...that was awkward." Fiona cleared her throat.

Fiona felt Lucas' eyes in her direction making her turn her head to face him only to realise he wasn't looking at her, and he was looking at the redhead beside her.

"I hate this seat." Fiona mumbled under her breath.

Steve stopped the car as they pulled up to Max's trailer house. "This better be fast, Mayfield." Steve told the girl as she immediately got out. "Twenty seconds." Max told them before closing the door.

"That thing's got batteries in it, right?" Steve asked the Henderson boy, nodding his head at the device which sat in his hands.

Dustin looked at the boy as if he was the dumbest person he had ever seen, "I'm not even answering that question."

Dustin looked away whereas Steve continued looking at the boy. "Yes, it has batteries in it." Dustin confirmed for the brunette boy.

"Yeah, I got it." Steve nodded, turning his head away.

"Steve..." Fiona said making Steve look back at her. "Do you like me?" She asked him making him scoff.

"Is this because I wouldn't sing with you?" Steve asked the girl making the two other boys in the car chuckle.

"Yes, actually, it is." Fiona told him sourly making him groan. "Sorry, I didn't want to sing with your atrocious singing." Steve told her making the two other boys gasp sarcastically.

"Hey! Words hurt." Lucas told the boy, Dustin nodding in agreement.

"What? You're ganging up on me now?" Steve asked the two in disbelief.

"If I were to ask Lucas or Dustin, they would've sung with me!" Fiona told the boy making him groan, yet again.

"Then maybe you should've asked them." Steve told her turning back around so he was now facing the front. "Maybe I should've gone with Robin and Nancy. You're crushy wushy would've sang with me." Fiona mumbled, not expecting Lucas to hear.

"Crushy wushy?" Lucas questioned, confused. "My crushy wushy? Let's talk about yours." Steve told her, immediately turning around.

"Enough with the crushy wushy's!" Dustin yelled at the two Harringtons.

"What's a crushy wushy?" Lucas asks the Henderson boy making him groan. "Some stupid argument between two stupid people in this car about their two crushes which they both denied on having." Dustin explained to the boy making Lucas look at Fiona.

"You have a crush?" The Sinclair boy asked making her groan very loudly. "I do not!"

"Yeah, you do." Steve corrected her, Dustin nodding his head in agreement.

"Who?" Lucas asked, Dustin opening his mouth to respond but stopped noticing the glare he was getting from Fiona.

"You better not say a word unless you wanna get bitch slapped out this car." Fiona told him only for Steve to then speak up.

"Eddie." Steve told him, Lucas immediately gasping. "What? You have a crush on Eddie?" Lucas exclaimed with shock.

"I do not!" Fiona told the boy before leaning over and smacking Steve over the head.

"You guys! It's been a bit longer than twenty seconds." Dustin yelled, interrupting the conversation.

The group looked at each other before climbing out of the car, waiting in case anything had happened.

Right then, Max came from behind the house walking quickly over to the car. "Hey, that was a lot longer than twenty seconds." Steve told the girl, Fiona then noticed the scared look on Max's face as she walked up to her.

"Hey. You all right?" Fiona asked the girl, concerned.

"I'm fine. Just drive." Max directed the last part to Steve as she climbed into the car, everyone else than doing the same.

"Did something happen?" Dustin asked, looking back at the worried girl who kept sending glances out the window.

"Can we please just go?" Max asked Steve, her breath shaky making Steve immediately pull away from the trailer park and zooming off to their next location.

alex speaks

this was basically kinda just a filler chapter cause we didn't see the conversation the boys were having when max was inside so yeah


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