20: it never happened

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the couple arrived at the airbnb and headed straight to gia's room.

"not so fast young lady" nick said making them to stop walking.

they walked back into the living room finding the triplets sitting with their legs crossed. gianna couldn't help herself but laugh.

"there's nothing funny about this gianna iris. you're late" matt stated.

"i'll have you know matthew bernard, i am not late it's 10:59"

"yeah yeah, did you have fun?" chris asked.

"very much fun. now if you'll excuse me, we're tired and rain was coming when were coming back so we're gonna go to bed"

"good night gia" the boys said.

"night boys"

"no funny business!" chris exclaimed.

"omg chris ew" she chuckled before going back into the room.

they both got ready and laid in her bed watching netflix.

"love?" steven started.


"are you sure chris doesn't like you?"

"yeah? why are you asking?"

"well, i see the way he looks at you. and you told me that before the whole fight you guys were super super close"

the girl laughed in her boyfriend's face.

"are you jealous of chris?" she said in between laughs.

"n-no! just curious to know if something was going on behind my back"

she laughed even more.

"trust me chris and i were never an item and i don't we'll be one in the future"

"good" he mumbled. "well i'm tired so good night" he kissed her cheek.

"goodnight i love you"

"love you too"

they both turned to their side and started sleeping.


bang! the thunderstorm was getting more severe by the hour. gianna turned to look to see if steven was sound asleep. as she got up, she took her phone, airpods and charger before heading to chris's room.

the boy was sound asleep before hearing a knock on his door. he got up and opened the door.

"gigi? what are you doing?" he asked raspy.

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