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HEY GUYS!! just wanted to say thank you all for 91K reads!!<3 i literally love you all so much and i appreciate each and every one of you! thank you all sm for giving my book a read!!:D

i just made this to let you all know there WONT be a chapter today:( i don't have any motivation today so im sorry that it's now been 2 days without a new chapter:((

i am 13 for everyone who didn't know and this book has been putting me under a bit of stress because i want to publish a chapter every day but i don't have time to do that and im lacking motivation so it's a bit hard right now!! i promise to upload tomorrow with a new chapter and hopefully you guys enjoy!:)

also wanted to say i do read every single comment that you guys put and i read them for a solid hour each day just because i love them sm.

anyways thank you all once again for the love and support and i will be seeing you all tomorrow!!:DD

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