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When Zhou Jinye walked into the bathroom, he realized that Lin Juexiao had indeed taken a shower.

    The tiles have been dragged over, but there are still some traces of wetness. As soon as Zhou Jinye entered the house, he smelled the fragrance of the shower gel.

    He held his breath for a while, followed Lin Juexiao's words without changing his expression, and went to find the towel in the cabinet.

    The towel has not been unpacked, it is a very common black and gray stripe.

    Zhou Jinye took off his clothes. His figure was different from that of his skinny peers. His texture and lines were distinct but not exaggerated.

    The weather was sultry, so he heated up the water when it was cold, but hesitantly squeezed the shower gel.

    Lin Juexiao's shower gel was bought casually in the supermarket, and the original flavor of Shufujia was still one liter.

    Zhou Jinye thought for a while, then squatted down and squeezed a pump of shower gel.

    For some reason, he lowered his head and sniffed the scent of the shower gel.

    Just a moment, his hand was quickly removed by him.

    Zhou Jinye smeared the shower gel on his body and took a quick shower. The shower gel has a very ordinary smell, no distinctive fragrance, and the smell left after rinsing off is not too big.

    Zhou Jinye's clothes seemed to be bought wholesale at one time. After taking a shower, he put on a short sleeve, which was a bit more graffiti than the previous one.

    But when Lin Juexiao saw it, he leaned lazily on the back of the sofa, and boasted with a smile, "It's better than the one just now."

    Zhou Jinye couldn't see what looked good, so he raised his hand and touched his neck. After a while, he said "um".

    Can't tell if it's approval or what.

    Lin Juexiao didn't pay attention to his tone. He looked at the message sent by Zhou Yuchen and asked, "Your brother said to eat hot pot, is it okay?"

    Zhou Jinye nodded expressionlessly: "It's okay."

    He never picks about what to eat, he eats whatever he has, and he can frown even if it doesn't suit his appetite.

    Lin Juexiao smiled again and replied "Okay".

    After he sent a message to Zhou Yuchen, he grabbed the car key from the shoe cabinet by the door, and while changing his shoes, he said, "Let's go, your brother's work is far away, let's go first."

    Zhou Yuchen is busy with the spinning top every day . In the same way, there is very little time to even eat a meal. He should have squeezed out this time on purpose today, so they can only pass it.

    Lin Juexiao seemed to have thought of something again. He hesitantly said, "Let's take the subway there, okay?"

    It's rush hour, and Zhou Yuchen's work place is in the CBD area of ​​the city center. Not only is it far, but the traffic flow is also high.

    Zhou Jinye dared to sit, but Lin Juexiao did not dare to drive.

    As far as Zhou Jinye is concerned, taking the subway or the car is not bad, he nodded again indifferently.

    During the peak period, there are not only many cars on the road, but also many people in the subway. It can be said that it becomes a sea of ​​people when they get off work and go out to play.

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