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During this meal, Lin Juexiao and Zhou Yuchen were talking more. Zhou Jinye just listened silently, his chopsticks didn't move much, but occasionally he picked up a few pieces of meat with little interest.

    He didn't talk much, and only when the two of them talked about things related to him would Zhou Jinye respond a few times.

    Zhou Yuchen was actually not very good at getting along with this younger brother who suddenly appeared, but after all, he was the closest blood brother, and he still had to shoulder this responsibility.

    He added a piece of meat from the hot pot, put it in a bowl to dry, and asked, "Is it okay to go to Yujun if you want to go to school?"

    Yujun is a private middle school, and Zhou Jinye's grades are relatively average. Public is much simpler.

    Zhou Jinye didn't know about Ning Cheng's school, so he just said "um" at will.

    Zhou Yuchen actually wanted to take care of his younger brother's studies, but he knew that today's children, especially those with average grades, still shy away from such topics.

    He licked his lower lip and could only give Zhou Jinye a piece of meat to express his closeness. He smiled and said: "Eat more, I don't think you eat much."

    Zhou Yuchen finished the meat for him, then turned to follow Lin Juexiao chatting.

    Zhou Jinye looked down at the extra meat in the bowl.

    In fact, he has such a slight habit of cleanliness, and he can't accept other people's food for him.

    Zhou Jinye raised his eyes and glanced at Zhou Yuchen. Seeing that he was chatting with Lin Juexiao, he just took a piece of baby vegetables from the pot and covered it.

    I don't know if it was an illusion, but he always felt that Lin Juexiao saw it.

    But when Zhou Jinye raised his head again, he saw that Lin Juexiao was probably full, with his elbows on the table, palms on his chin, and his eyes bent with a smile.

    Like a pussy cat.

    Most of the two of them are also talking about Zhou Yuchen, Zhou Yuchen complained about his internship experience righteously and indignantly: "I'm so busy every day, my senior who took me is outrageous, and I leave everything to me. , I don't do anything!"

    Lin Juexiao didn't say anything, just being a qualified listener, comforting Zhou Yuchen when necessary.

    Zhou Yuchen was just halfway through cursing aggressively, when the phone on the table rang like a bell at midnight.

    He glanced at the note, and instantly wilted.

    Zhou Yuchen answered the phone with a condescending expression on his face, but he pretended to have a very good attitude: "Hey... oh... the case is right, it's all right... I'm done eating... I'll go back right away."

    After hanging up the phone, Zhou Yuchen changed his face . The day is fast.

    He pointed at the phone and scolded for a while, but he honestly picked up the coat on the back of the chair and put it on. He told Lin Juexiao goodbye: "It's annoying, I'll go first."

    Zhou Yuchen sniffed the body and sighed. He sighed: "Looks like I have to go to Sephora to get some perfume."

    Lin Juexiao was amused by him, and urged him: "You go, the sooner you go, the sooner you finish it."

    Zhou Yuchen shook him at him Shaking his hands, he said goodbye to Zhou Jinye awkwardly: "...Jinye, I'll go first, just call me if you have something to do."

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