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The bedroom after the evening self-study is more lively. When passing by, from time to time, I don't know which room comes out, "Grass mud horse!"

    Zhou Jinye avoided a figure who was running by, and continued to walk to his bedroom without changing his expression.

    He screwed the door and walked in, and saw two more people in the dormitory, as well as a strong smell of smoke.

    Zhou Jinye frowned, and finally took a serious look at the two extra people - the two boys were not wearing school uniforms, their clothes were covered with logos, they were holding a mobile phone, and they were sitting on the bed with their legs crossed. .

    Hearing the movement at the door, the two of them raised their eyebrows insignificantly, glanced over Zhou Jinye's body, and scolded with a smile: "Damn! Li Huan, hurry up and close the door, I'm scared to death."

    Li Huan responded, and then Close the door.

    One of the boys turned off the phone, and he talked to Zhou Jinye locally: "Hey! Brother, what's your name, I saw your photos countless times in the group today!"

    "Song Xu!" He bumped into the next door again The boy touched his chin and asked, "Is he as handsome as those girls say, why do I think it's just normal?"

    "Dong Lesheng, look in the mirror." Song Xu sneered. I asked, "What's your name, brother?"

    Zhou Jinye frowned, "Zhou Jinye."

    There were two leftover cigarette butts and ashes on the ground. It was estimated that they went back to the dormitory to smoke after their evening self-study. There are quite a few cigarette dead bodies.

    Zhou Jinye hated the smell of cigarettes, he said lightly, "Don't smoke in the bedroom in the future."


    Dong Lesheng stood up from the bed, casually crushed the cigarette butts on the ground with his toes, and asked Zhou Jinye with a smile that was not a smile: "What's wrong with smoking?"

    Li Huan's scalp was about to explode. Although he saw that the two of them had been smoking unhappy for a long time, he never dared to mention it.

    Dong Lesheng and Zhou Jinye were about the same height, and they were aggressive when they confronted each other.

    "It got me." Zhou Jinye said without fear, he looked at Dong Lesheng calmly, "You can go to the corridor to smoke, in short, don't smoke in the bedroom."

    "What the hell am I doing?"

    Zhou Jinye lifted He lifted his eyelids to look at him, pushed his shoulders away, and asked in a calm tone, "Smoke to incense yourself?" What

    he said was really unpleasant, and Dong Lesheng was so angry that the veins on his arms burst out, and he suddenly stopped. I want to grab Zhou Jinye's neckline.

    "Xiao Dong!" Song Xu came to stop him, "You still have a big fault, don't argue with him!"

    Zhou Jinye pulled his neckline, lowered his eyes and said calmly, "If you smoke once in the dormitory, I will Tell the teacher once."

    Dong Lesheng pulled his lips and sneered a few times, and finally squeezed out a few words: "You are awesome."

    Li Huan: "!!!"

    He really didn't know how Zhou Jinye used this most attractive Expression, saying something like telling the teacher.

    In the end, this quarrel did not break out, and it also laid the foundation for their discord in the dormitory. The four of them were divided into two groups. Zhou Jinye didn't like to talk, and Song Xu and Dong Lesheng played with their mobile phones every day.

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