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Lin Juexiao has to work the night shift at night, and can only run away after eating. The house is not far from the place where he rents. Zhang Huiying and Lin Guoyuan also have their own business to do.

    They are very busy on weekdays, and they are not so reluctant to part when they are separated.

    Zhang Huiying packed a bag of fruit for Lin Juexiao, and couldn't help but nag: "You didn't like fruit before, so I cut the peel and cut it for you and sent it to you before eating it. Is it okay to live alone?"

    She saw Zhou Jinye next to her, and her eyes lit up: "Jinye, help me keep an eye on the store, and let him eat at least some fruit every day."

    "Mom—" Lin Juexiao took the fruit that Zhang Huiying handed over, He said helplessly, "What are you doing with Jinye staring at me? He is busy studying every day."

    The heavy bag hanging in Lin Juexiao's hand is estimated to weigh several kilograms, and there are many kinds of fruits in it.

    He sighed: "It's so much, we can't finish it, right?"

    "Then you can eat more." Zhang Huiying waved at him and urged, "Eat every day, remember."

    Lin Juexiao agreed: "Remember, remember."

    As soon as he got in the car, he put the fruit bag in the back of the car, which was unusually rebellious. Zhou Jinye saw it, but didn't speak.

    As soon as Lin Juexiao started the car, he answered a phone call from Jiang Miaomiao.

    ——"Juexiao, do you still remember the last time I helped you replace the shift?"

    Lin Juexiao said "um" and asked clearly, "what's the matter, do you need me to help you?"

    "Yes, yes . That's right!" Jiang Miaomiao urged in a very urgent tone, "Someone invited me to watch a movie, come here quickly!"

    "Okay, wait for me for half an hour."

    Lin Juexiao glanced at Zhou Jinye, who was the co-pilot, and now sent him back It was too late, he hesitated and asked, "Would you like to go to the hospital with me?"

    Zhou Jinye was stunned and asked, "Is it alright?"

    "Okay." Lin Juexiao said, "Just bring a family member, no problem."

    Zhou Jinye nodded and said, "That's good."

    Lin Juexiao said that half an hour is really half an hour, and the car stopped at the pet hospital door.

    He got out of the car first, and Zhou Jinye followed behind him and took an apple in the back seat. Lin Juexiao thought he wanted to eat it himself, so he didn't ask much.

    This is Zhou Jinye's first visit to Lin Juexiao's work place, and it is also the first time that Zhou Jinye has entered such a formal pet hospital.

    The white building is almost on the third floor, and there is a small sign hanging on the door with pictures of puppies and kittens by hand.

    Pushing the door and entering, there are first rows of sofas, which are for owners with pets to wait for. Now there is no one here. In addition, there is a front desk.

    "Dr. Lin?" The young lady at the front desk was a little surprised to see him, "Are you here?"

    Lin Juexiao said "um", "I'm here to help Sister Jiang take the shift." The

    front desk couldn't help but curiously Glancing at Zhou Jinye several times, he asked, "This is—?"

    "My brother." Lin Juexiao smiled at her, "I have something to do, so I can only bring him here." The

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