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As soon as Dong Lesheng's voice fell, Zhou Jinye suddenly raised his eyelids to look at him.

    His expression was still the same as before, flat without a smile or mixed with anger.

    But Zhou Jinye suddenly raised his foot, and when no one expected it, he raised his foot quickly and accurately and kicked Dong Lesheng's stomach ruthlessly.

    He kicked so hard that Dong Lesheng, who was tall and big, flew out like a cannonball and slammed his back on the bed.

    He gritted his teeth in pain, resisted not shouting, and scolded Zhou Jinye, "Aren't you fucking sick?"

    Song Xu couldn't hold the cigarettes in his hands, and they staggered out. on the ground.

    Damn, why did Zhou Jinye do it?

    At first, they just thought that Zhou Jinye was not easy to mess with. After all, he went to bed on time every day, never arrived late or left early, and did not smoke or anything. I heard that he took the initiative to hand over his mobile phone to the teacher.

    Shouldn't this kind of person be a good student, how ruthless is the mother?

    Moreover, Zhou Jinye's force and retraction when he just lifted his foot were extraordinarily neat and neat. It was estimated that he had either practiced or was used to fighting.

    Song Xu widened his eyes and glanced at Zhou Jinye.

    He was still obediently wearing his school uniform, with his red and white jacket open, revealing the black T inside.

    Zhou Jinye's eyes didn't seem to have any emotions, and he didn't seem to have any emotions after kicking people. He stood not far away and stared at Dong Lesheng coldly.

    His thin and pale lips were pressed down, and his pupils were as black as black ink that could not be melted, and they were terrifyingly black.

    Zhou Jinye just kept looking at Dong Lesheng lying on the ground, as if Zhou Jinye would take another step up as soon as he got up.

    Dong Lesheng was sweating profusely in pain, and he struggled to get up from the ground. He was burning with anger and ignored it, yelling at Song Xu and the others, "Fuck, what are you doing, beating him!"

    Song Xu woke up suddenly, but looking at Zhou Jinye, he didn't know whether to do it or not.

    All of them carried a few big faults on their backs. Originally, they said that they would not commit any crimes this year, so they were eliminated. But if there were more troubles, they might just stay at the school for observation.

    But now, he glanced at Zhou Jinye hesitantly.

    The fight in the dormitory is actually not a big deal, as long as no one stabs it out.

    "Damn it!" Dong Lesheng covered his back and continued to scold, "Are you fucking brothers? If you see me being beaten like this, are you still considered a brother?"

    Song Xu was still calm, but the other people rushed straight to it. up.

    Their fights have always been disorderly, and they have always won by having more people.

    Zhou Jinye watched them rush over, his brows furrowed impatiently. He originally wanted to do it directly, but he seemed to have thought of something, so he just took a step back and didn't let them hit.

    But it still couldn't stand the crowd, Zhou Jinye's neckline was grabbed forcefully, and he pulled forward.

    Someone raised his fist and smashed it at him. Zhou Jinye could have avoided it, but his eyes flickered, and he received the punch in silence.

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