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I don't know if Zhou Jinye's threat was useful or not, Dong Lesheng really never bothered him again.

    On September 1st, the first and second graders of high school also came to report with big bags and small bags. An obvious sense was that there were more and more people in the school cafeteria, and it was more difficult to catch violations.

    Zhou Jinye's senior year of high school started so unremarkably. If nothing else, this should be the last year of his high school career.

    He didn't have any emotion, he was still in the school, and he was used to being alone in school, and occasionally would have a meal with Li Huan together.

    On the first weekend after September, Zhou Jinye was waiting under the banyan tree at the gate of the school. His summer clothes finally arrived, and he didn't need to put on a coat on such a hot day.

    Yujun's summer school uniform is a white loose-fitting shirt. The school badge is outlined with red embroidery on the left chest. The bottom pants are still sweatpants, but the fabric is lighter.

    To be honest, there are some nondescript, but Zhou Jinye is just a clothes hanger, he looks good in anything.

    There was a lot of traffic at the gate of the school on Friday, and the 50-meter road in front and back seemed to be heavily blocked. Zhou Jinye was not impatient in the scorching sun.

    The indifferent brows and eyes even had some not-so-obvious joy, which was hidden deeply.

    He was waiting for Lin Juexiao to come and pick him up. A few minutes ago, Lin Juexiao called him and said that it might be a little blocked today.

    He didn't wait long before he saw the familiar black car, Zhou Jinye's long legs took a step, and he skillfully pulled out the passenger seat and sat in.

    Lin Juexiao wore sunglasses on his face, and when he saw Zhou Jinye coming in, he turned his head and smiled at him: "Cool or not?"

    Zhou Jinye glanced at it and said, "Cool."

    He suddenly found the route that Lin Juexiao was driving today. Unlike usual, Zhou Jinye asked casually, "Are you going somewhere else?"

    "Well." Lin Juexiao nodded, "Your brother is back from a business trip, let me pick him up."

    Zhou Jinye was stunned for a moment: "Zhou... Brother Yuchen is back?"

    His tone was particularly blunt, but Lin Juexiao didn't hear it, and he seemed in a good mood: "Well, he also said he brought you a gift ."

    Zhou Jinye was not interested in gifts, he was silent for a while, and suddenly asked: "Then he is back, will you still care about me?"

    "Why do you ask?"

    Lin Juexiao subconsciously said, but quickly reacted again. , Zhou Jinye is a child with no sense of security. He spends more time with him than with Zhou Yuchen, and may rely more on him.

    He smiled and said, "Of course I will take care of you."

    Zhou Jinye's eyes were dark, and he was reluctant to blink at him: "Then will I still live with you?"

    "Yes." Lin Juexiao Soothingly, "Someone buys me breakfast every day, and there are people who cook on weekends, and you are helping me take care of those babies at home."

    Zhou Jinye seemed to finally be relieved, and stopped pestering Lin Juexiao to ask anything. , quietly lowered his head and played with his phone.

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