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After about an hour, Lin Juexiao also got off work. He washed his hands in the bathroom, and as soon as he went out, he saw Zhou Jinye waiting for him at the door.

    Lin Juexiao shouted from a distance: "Jinye, let's go."

    He lowered his head, looked at the news on his phone, suddenly smiled, and asked Zhou Jinye: "Your brother told us to eat, whether to go or not, But there are others, and there are the other two in our high school four-person dorm."

    Although he did have a stronger relationship with Zhou Yuchen, the four of them have always had a good relationship, and they would get together when everything was okay.

    Zhou Jinye thought for a while, he saw that Lin Juexiao really wanted to go, he nodded and said, "Go."

    This time they made an appointment with a private restaurant. Zhou Yuchen reserved a small box in advance. I heard that Zhou Jinye is also coming. , let the waiter add a seat.

    The sound insulation effect is average, standing at the door, Zhou Jinye heard the noise inside.

    They were so familiar that they didn't even need to knock on the door. Lin Juexiao pushed the door and walked in. Someone was smoking in the box, and Zhou Jinye held his breath subconsciously.

    Lin Juexiao glanced at him as if tilted his head, and fanned his right hand to remove the smell of smoke floating in front of him: "Chen Chao, don't smoke." The

    smoking man combed his head and wore an OW short haircut. Xiu, hearing this, smiled apologetically, pressed the cigarette butt on the ashtray in front of him, and said, "I forgot that my brother is here today." Zhou     Jinye

    shook his head calmly and said, "It's okay."

He sat down in the other two seats in the box. Sitting opposite Zhou Jinye was another strange man, not as condescending as Chen Chao, with golden eyes hanging on the bridge of his nose.

    He smiled at Zhou Jinye, raised his hand and said hello: "Hi, I'm your brother's high school roommate, you can just call me Brother Du."

    Lin Juexiao bumped into Zhou Jinye's shoulder and said: " He happened to be doing an internship in high school, but he wasn't Yujun."

    Zhou Jinye nodded and said nothing.

    "My younger brother is also from Yujun?"

    Zhou Jinye said "um", "I am in the third year of high school ." "Okay

    ." Du Pengchi said, "If you are not good at math, I will make up for you for free."

    Chen Chao said with a smile: "Brother Du is very good, and now he can teach people!"

    Zhou Yuchen also interjected and said, "Our brother Du has always been very promising. You forgot when you held a book in your self-study last night and asked him to teach you a topic?"

    "Fuck!" Chen Chao scolded in a low voice, pretending to hit Zhou Yuchen, "You talk too much!"

    They hadn't seen each other for a long time, and they were already very familiar with each other.

    Lin Juexiao didn't stop them, just propped his chin and watched them play with a good mood.

    During the period, while Zhou Jinye poured himself a glass of water, he also poured a glass of ice water for Lin Juexiao.

    Before falling down, he also asked thoughtfully: "Is it alright to drink ice?"

    This scene happened to be captured by Chen Chao, he bit the cigarette and didn't light it, and kicked Zhou Yuchen's foot under the table with a bad laugh: "This is Is it your younger brother or younger brother Jue Xiao, why haven't you seen him pour water for you?"

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