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    "—It's here." The

    driver in the driver's seat suddenly opened his mouth. Zhou Jinye didn't open the distance between him and Lin Juexiao. Lin Juexiao's eyelashes trembled slightly and he opened his eyes.

    He just fell asleep in a daze, and subconsciously reached out to touch the handlebars of the car, and then he noticed Zhou Jinye's sight.

    Lin Juexiao asked in confusion: "What's wrong?"

    He touched the corner of his mouth and asked nervously, "Did I eat something on my face?"


    Zhou Jinye responded.

    The driver had already got off the car and walked away. He was moving the bicycle in the back compartment. Zhou Jinye's clean eyebrows were revealed in the moonlight. He suddenly stretched out his hand and stopped in the air again.

    He looked at Lin Juexiao, as if asking Lin Juexiao with his eyes.

    Lin Juexiao was probably a little sleepy, and nodded sleepily, Zhou Jinye's thumb brushed the corner of his mouth the next moment.

    Lin Juexiao's lips were very hot, like a lit spark.

    Zhou Jinye lowered his eyelashes, rubbed it earnestly, and wiped the corner of Lin Juexiao's lips that was not stained with anything.

    Lin Juexiao frowned and said, "Jinye?"

    "Okay." Zhou Jinye retracted his outstretched hand, and he whispered, "Wipe it clean."

    Lin Juexiao rubbed the corner of his eyes and pulled He opened the door and went to the driver's seat to get the keys, and said "thank you" to Zhou Jinye.

    Zhou Jinye sat in the same position for a while, and his fingers when he touched Lin Juexiao seemed to be numb, like a slight electric shock.

    He pursed his lower lip, opened the car door and walked out.

    Zhou Jinye followed behind Lin Juexiao and asked in a low voice, "Are you a little drunk?"

    "No." Lin Juexiao yawned, tears came from the corner of his eyes, "I'm just a little sleepy."

    "I'm going to take a shower first." Lin Juexiao said while changing his shoes, and suddenly remembered something and asked, "Are you going to sleep with me today?"

    Zhou Jinye shook his head stiffly. He licked his lower lip too naturally, looked at the floor and said, "...I sleep by myself."

    He and Lin Juexiao couldn't sleep well at all.

    "Okay." Lin Juexiao responded, stepped on his slippers and went to the bedroom to get his clothes, and shouted at Zhou Jinye from a distance, "Then if you can't make it tomorrow, wake me up and I'll take you there."

    Zhou Jinye must be He won't wake up Lin Juexiao. Like the previous few weeks, he got up lightly, and brought Lin Juexiao a breakfast before leaving for school.

    He was at the door of the classroom when he heard a deafening roar inside. As soon as Zhou Jinye opened the door, it was quiet for a moment, and after seeing who was coming, the quarrel continued.

    As soon as Zhou Jinye returned to his seat, he saw Li Huan looking like he was about to cry.

    He pulled out his chair and didn't ask a question.

    Li Huan asked with a sad face, "Why don't you care about me?"

    Zhou Jinye touched the test paper from his schoolbag and asked absently, "What's wrong?"

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