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    Lin Juexiao asked subconsciously, and after making it clear that he heard it right, he smiled helplessly and said, "Just listen to Chen Chao and the others talking nonsense, it's all a joke."

    Zhou Jinye said: "But—"

    But the way she looked at you, even if she didn't like you now, she liked you in the past.

    Zhou Jinye didn't say anything in the end, he whispered "I know", and watched Lin Juexiao enter the consultation room again.

    Ji Yijia's puppet is not only beautiful, but also very well-behaved. He didn't struggle when he was vaccinated, but just gave a thin "meow-" sound.

    Lin Juexiao's technique was still gentle, and after the vaccination, he rubbed the puppet's head soothingly.

    "Observe here for 30 minutes before walking." Lin Juexiao said, "Then don't take a bath or take it out to play within ten days after taking it home."

    "It may be a little loss of appetite, etc., If you have any questions, you can contact me."

    Ji Yijia made a nude manicure, and now grabs her phone nervously and asks in a low voice, "Then can you send me your WeChat? I can promptly if you have any questions. Asking you."

    Lin Juexiao had already added a lot of sick pet owners to his WeChat, he took out his phone, turned his face and said, "Scan me."

    Ji Yijia quickly added his friend .

    "But sometimes I may not reply to your news in time at work." Lin Juexiao said, "I will reply as soon as I see it. If the cat has other discomforts, you can tell me."

    He couldn't hold back and touched He praised the little puppet, who was only two months old, "It's very beautiful."

    "Yes..." Ji Yijia stammered, "When I first saw it in the cattery, I thought it was It's very beautiful."

    She had to go to work, so she could only wave goodbye at Lin Juexiao: "Then...then I'll go first."

    Ji Yijia blushed and said, "See you next time." The

    little puppet leaned obediently in her arms. When Ji Yijia passed by Zhou Jinye holding it, it suddenly "meow--" again.

    Ji Yijia reflexively raised her head to look at Zhou Jinye, the door of the consultation room was blown shut by the wind, and now only the two of them looked at each other.

    She couldn't tell the age of the boy in front of her, and her face looked a little green, but it was already angular.

    His expression looked a little cold, but Ji Yijia felt that he should be young because he didn't know how to restrain his emotions.

    Ji Yijia inexplicably felt the hostility from the boy. She took a few steps back, touched the cat, and asked in a low voice, "You belong to Jue Xiao...?"

    - Jue Xiao.

    It's a good call, I guess I knew it well when I was in high school.

    Zhou Jinye just saw that Ji Yijia had added Lin Juexiao's WeChat, he raised his eyes and said lightly, "I'm his younger brother."

    "Oh!" Ji Yijia nodded, and wondered again, "So he And my brother?"

    She said to herself, "Why haven't I heard of it before?"

    Ji Yijia walked out as she spoke, with a sweet fragrance on her body, which would not make you feel tired, but flowers and fruits fragrance.

    Zhou Jinye heard it, but didn't explain it. He stood there and watched Ji Yijia's skirt disappear at the end of the corridor before slowly withdrawing his eyes.

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