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"I miss you..."

    I miss you hug me, Zhou Jinye almost blurted out these words, his Adam's apple rolled, barely caught the words that almost jumped out in his throat.

    Zhou Jinye lowered his eyes, and his ears started to burn again: "I don't want anything." "I don't want


    Lin Juexiao thought of something, and suddenly turned out the calendar on his phone, he looked down and said : "Is your birthday coming soon?"

    He remembered that Zhou Jinye's WeChat account was his date of birth. To confirm, Lin Juexiao opened WeChat and took a look.

    - ZJY031026.

    It's really fast, it's his birthday in a few days.

    Zhou Jinye nodded dully: "...It's almost here."

    His birthdays in previous years were mediocre, and his mother would come back every time, cook him a bowl of longevity noodles, and then give him the prepared gifts. .

    It's just that this year, this birthday may be over like this, but Lin Juexiao is...he will definitely worry about his birthday.

    He didn't want to bother Lin Juexiao, so Zhou Jinye lowered his head and said, "I'm not on my birthday."

    Lin Juexiao asked with a smile, "Is it true?"


    "Give me a face." Lin Juexiao said , "I'll give you a birthday present, along with the reward for your progress in the exam."

    Zhou Jinye couldn't help but raised the corner of his mouth with excitement, but was suppressed by him again.

    Lin Juexiao asked, "I really don't have anything I want?"

    "...I really don't have anything."

    Lin Juexiao flipped through the calendar on his phone and looked at it again: "How do you want to celebrate your birthday, the 26th is on Tuesday, Maybe it's just early."

    "I'm not alive—"

    Halfway through the speech, he was gently interrupted by Lin Juexiao: "Eighteen years old, an important day."

    Lin Juexiao's lying silkworm is not very obvious, it is very small, and it is easy for people to set it up. Take precautions, although Zhou Jinye has no guard against him at all.

    Zhou Jinye's heart skipped a beat, eighteen years old, only one year short of seventeen years old, but it sounded like a world of difference.

    Lin Juexiao said: "Eighteen years old, you are going to grow up."

    That's right, eighteen years old means that he is an adult, just like crossing a bridge of qualitative change, it is indeed a special day.

    On this day, he wanted to live with Lin Juexiao.

    "I want to live with you."

    Zhou Jinye thought about it, and couldn't help but speak his mind. He didn't regret or annoy him, just stared at Lin Juexiao with his bright eyes.

    Lin Juexiao was stunned for a moment, and continued to say with a smile, "Yes."

    At this moment, Zhou Jinye should relax, but he couldn't help but be more nervous. Fortunately, only he could hear his heartbeat, which followed the bones. spread into his brain.

    Zhou Jinye unconsciously rubbed the hair on Kangkang's body more and more, and he suddenly had a thought: "I want to watch the sunrise with you."

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