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    "What's wrong?" Lin Juexiao was caught off guard by him, but he subconsciously followed Zhou Jinye's words, "I ignore him."

    Lin Juexiao asked, "Have you had a holiday with him?"

    "No." Zhou Jinye was very He explained quickly, sounding a little aggrieved, "I didn't fight."

    He also pinched Lin Juexiao's wrist. It was his instinctive reaction just now, but now he is simply reluctant.

    Lin Juexiao raised his head, the boy's black eyes were very dark, and because his eyes were too bright, he felt a little wet at first glance.

    He smiled and said, "Got it." Lin Juexiao

    reacted and shook his hand again and said, "Let it loose, otherwise people will think you're so big and clingy."

    Zhou Jinye let go of his hand silently.

    In fact, he just wanted to refute, he is not clingy, he is just more clingy to Lin Juexiao.

    But there were a lot of people looking at them. Zhou Jinye stepped forward to block Lin Juexiao's sight. He walked ahead with the road and said, "Let's go to the classroom first."

    Maybe . It was because of the parent-teacher meeting that Lin Juexiao wore a formal dress today, a white sweater, a black coat, suit pants, and a pair of shiny leather shoes on his feet.

    For the first time, Zhou Jinye saw Lin Juexiao dressed like that, which was a little strange.

    He couldn't hold back, he stretched out his hand and tugged at the hem of Lin Juexiao's clothes and asked, "Did you dress so formally?"

    Lin Juexiao was actually quite nervous. It was the first time he attended the parent-teacher meeting as a parent, even his lips Some dry.

    He lowered his head and glanced at his clothes and said, "Is it too formal?"

    Lin Juexiao was amused by himself, laughed briefly, and tugged at the shirt sleeve that he accidentally exposed: "I feel like I wear it. It 's like going to a meeting."

    "No." Zhou Jinye said, "It's beautiful."

    It's really good-looking, personable and beautiful, like a male protagonist from an idol drama.

    When Zhou Jinye said this, Lin Juexiao felt a lot more relieved. He skillfully put on Zhou Jinye, and walked side by side with him towards the classroom. The lying silkworm came out again because of his smile: "That's good, I'm afraid of embarrassing you."

    Chen The teacher took a step forward and stood on the podium, and on the blackboard behind it wrote the words "Parents' Meeting" in chalk.

    Very Chen's style, never do too much cumbersome superfluous things.

    Lin Juexiao saw Teacher Chen and greeted him with a smile:

    "Hello, Teacher Chen, did Jinye cause you any trouble?" "No." When Teacher Chen saw him, his stern expression broke the ice, "Zhou Jinye is very Be obedient."

    Except for a fight with someone at the beginning of the school year, there was basically no fuss in the follow-up, and on weekdays, I just sat silently writing the questions in place and didn't make a fuss. The other places I went to the most were Go to the office question.

    The teachers all like Zhou Jinye very much. He is handsome and works hard in learning.

    Lin Juexiao wanted to ask a few more questions, but there were other parents coming in behind him. He didn't want to delay Teacher Chen's time, so he simply said, "Then let's go to the seat first." The

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