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Treasures, Haixing can't do it. I've been working hard for a few days to get better. It was

    n't until Lin Juexiao opened his arms to hug him that Zhou Jinye realized that hugs are like a source of strength, and like a spring day fluttering down. A drizzle, or the moonlight scattered at night.

    All in all, Lin Juexiao's hug is also gentle.

    He is a slender figure, but he is also a man who is almost 1.8 meters tall. Zhou Jinye has never hugged a girl, only by his own mother a long time ago.

    A woman's embrace is soft, but Lin Juexiao's embrace is different, perhaps because she is thin, she is even a little embarrassed when she hugs him.

    The hug is not tight, but the chest is close.

    When Lin Juexiao comforts someone, he likes to pat the person on the shoulder or back, just like coaxing a child who hasn't grown up to sleep.

    Even now, Zhou Jinye only felt that the stagnant air in his chest dissipated in an instant.

    Lin Juexiao asked, "Is it better?"

    Before waiting for Zhou Jinye's answer, Lin Juexiao smiled again: "If one hug is not enough, then hug again."

    Zhou Jinye was not in a daze, he just didn't know how To tell this request, he placed nowhere on Lin Juexiao's body, unconsciously clenched his fist and then released it.

    After standing on Lin Juexiao's waist for a long time, he still didn't dare to move, and could only put it peacefully next to his thigh.

    He didn't dare to take the initiative to hug Lin Juexiao, because Zhou Jinye had no restraint, and he was afraid that he would hug too hard.

    Liang Junming guessed the same as Lin Juexiao, the scars on his face were still red and swollen, and his eyes were red. After finishing his things silently, he never appeared in the school again.

    Zhou Jinye also received a letter from an unfamiliar number on his mobile phone, just a very simple "I'm sorry".

    He didn't reply, just pressed the delete button with a blank face.

    Things have already happened, and not all the apologies can be forgiven. As for whether Liang Junming will not repent or feel guilty, it has nothing to do with him.

    After all, everyone is responsible for their actions.

    Zhou Jinye's life is officially back to normal. After the first model, it will be a second model after a month. The May Day holiday was cut into one day, but no one sighed. After all, in the end, no one was not racing against time.

    You learn a minute less and you may lose a point to someone else.

    Zhou Jinye's life is almost two o'clock and one line. Even Lin Juexiao doesn't know how late he learns every day. He only knows that when he occasionally wakes up at night, he sees the light in Zhou Jinye's room still on.

    He hesitated for a while, but he still didn't knock on the door, but later he would prepare a late-night snack for him that would be heated in the microwave.

    Fortunately, Zhou Jinye's physical fitness is good, so he can withstand it.

    Under the scorching sun, Zhou Jinye stood in the last row.

    On occasions like taking graduation photos, there was no smile on the corner of his mouth. Standing beside him, Li Huan felt cooler.

    The photographer was adjusting the camera. Li Huan sneakily raised his arm and bumped into Zhou Jinye. He asked, "Tomorrow is going to take the college entrance examination. Are you nervous?"

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