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I don't know if anyone has a cup, but Zhou Jinye is. Change someone drunk, change a surprise.

    When Lin Juexiao just left, Zhou Jinye knew that he was avoiding him, but he had no position to stop him.

    He was afraid that Lin Juexiao would find him annoying, and he was afraid of causing trouble to Lin Juexiao. As a qualified suitor, he should properly keep a distance from Lin Juexiao and not disturb his life.

    Although he is now dead begging and sticking to Lin Juexiao's house.

    Zhou Jinye leaned silently on the sofa alone, and there were two dogs and two cats left at home to accompany him.

    After he graduated, he didn't need to write questions but had nothing to do.

    Zhou Jinye didn't play games either, and he didn't have any friends in Ningcheng, and the only acquaintance with Li Huan was not familiar enough to go out to play.

    By and large, he was alone and alone at home.

    Zhou Jinye did not sit on the sofa, but sat cross-legged on the carpet in front of the sofa. Lin Juexiao happily bought the carpet not long ago, saying it was very soft.

    He sat on it for a while, and for a moment, he thought about whether it was wrong for him to confess like this.

    But this idea was immediately extinguished by him. Zhou Jinye did everything from his heart. He studied hard and stayed in Ningcheng for Lin Juexiao.

    And he likes Lin Juexiao, it's not a shameful thing, he has to say it if he likes it.

    He had nothing to do, so he simply went back to the bedroom and pulled out the DSLR. On the DSLR were the photos he took with Lin Juexiao last time.

    Zhou Jinye skipped the majestic and magnificent sunrise without watching, and directly and skillfully adjusted the photo of Lin Juexiao. He had seen this photo countless times, and the upward arc of the corner of Lin Juexiao's mouth was imprinted in his mind. inside.

    He zoomed in expressionlessly, and when he saw a certain place, Zhou Jinye's expression was like melting snow and he laughed.

    Zhou Jinye was zooming in to look at Lin Juexiao's eyes, and he saw himself holding a DSLR inside.

    The corners of his mouth curved more and more, and then suddenly fell back to the same place.

    Oh, this is the only photo of him and Lin Juexiao.

    When Zhou Jinye frowned and was alone, Zhou Yuchen, who had not contacted him for a long time, suddenly sent a message.

    [Zhou Yuchen]: Do you want to live with me or with my dad?


    What, he just wanted to live with Lin Juexiao, and Lin Juexiao promised him to continue living together.

    But Zhou Yuchen's next sentence sent him into hell.

    [Zhou Yuchen]: Didn't Jue Xiao tell you?

    [Zhou Yuchen]: He said he was busy after the summer vacation and asked you to move in with me.

    As soon as Zhou Jinye's hand was released, the side of the phone slid from his hand and fell to the ground with a thud.

    He lowered his eyes, didn't return to Zhou Yuchen for a long time, and picked up the phone that fell on the ground after a long while.

    The phone is very durable and has no cracks.

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