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Friends, I am so happy to write, is this the fun of the new year! ! Happy Dragon Boat Festival

    , Zhou Jinye's chin rested heavily on his shoulder, and his shallow, hot breath scratched his ears. This touch was more itchy than a feather scratching his palm.

    Lin Juexiao's ears are very sensitive, and when Zhou Jinye breathed, he couldn't help leaning to the right.

    Zhou Jinye's hand on his waist also has a special sense of presence. The boy's arm is very strong, and it is firmly tied to him like a chain.


    Juexiao?" Zhou Jinye shouted again without getting a response for a long time.

    Zhou Jinye's hair really grew longer, and when he leaned against Lin Juexiao, his hair scratched his neck, and he was more itchy, and his ears were flushed and pulled back.

    He just ducked back, Zhou Jinye softly "tsk" in his ear, and the next second, Lin Juexiao was dragged over again with a chair.


    The sound of the chair was too loud, and all eyes on the dining table were instantly focused on him, but Lin Juexiao couldn't control that much for the time being, because Zhou Jinye had been rubbing against him with the tip of his nose -- wet, like a puppy cuddling a man Same.

    "Hi--" Lin Juexiao took a deep breath with a chill on his neck.

    Zhou Jinye was obviously drunk. He couldn't look on his face when he drank, but his always black eyes seemed to be covered with gauze, and he was drunk, but Lin

    Juexiao felt that Zhou Jinye was looking at him wholeheartedly.

    The atmosphere at the dinner table was too embarrassing. Jiang Miaomiao stood up and coughed a few times. She blocked Lin Juexiao's sight and explained, "Brother Juexiao is drunk and a little clingy."

    After she finished speaking, she told Lin Juexiao . With a wink, he raised his glass to recreate the atmosphere on the wine table.

    Lin Juexiao couldn't take care of himself, Zhou Jinye was too clingy, and there was a faint smell of alcohol on his body, and he had to stick to him all the time.

    Unable to reason with the drunkard, Lin Juexiao bowed his head and patted Zhou Jinye's head: "Get up first."

    "I don't want it." Zhou Jinye said sullenly, "I want to hug you."


    Lin Jue Xiao was silent for a while, adjusted his mood, and continued to coax with red ears: "I'll hug you when you get up."

    Now he just wanted to feel that Zhou Jinye was taken away, and he even panicked like a lie.

    Zhou Jinye still hugged him, he frowned, and after a short thought and weighing the pros and cons, he slowly and reluctantly let go.

    He hugged him too close, and the moment he let go, Lin Juexiao felt that the breath in his chest became a lot fresher.

    Lin Juexiao stood up, but found that Zhou Jinye was still sitting in the same place, motionless, but looked at him intently with his head raised.

    Aware of Lin Juexiao's sight, he frowned and loosened a little. In order to articulate clearly, Zhou Jinye said slowly: "It's inconvenient for us to walk."

    Do you know that it's inconvenient to hold it?

    Lin Juexiao almost blurted out when he saw Zhou Jinye stretched out his right hand, and continued slowly: "So hold me."

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