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The weekend is very busy, today is a little shorter, and they should be able to be together this week.

    During the New Year period, Zhou Jinye was also temporarily away from home for a few days, but during that time, Lin Juexiao knew that Zhou Jinye would move back in a few days.

    But today he was sitting in the living room, and the feeling of emptiness permeated the room.

    Zhou Jinye moved away, and may never even move back again. If nothing else, he and Zhou Jinye will even go further and further. They are like two lines that meet for a short time, and the final destination is parallel.

    Lin Juexiao's expression was a little dazed, the water in the cup was just boiled, but he forgot.

    After he lowered his head and took a sip, the tip of his tongue became hot, and the cup in his hand almost fell.

    Lin Juexiao picked up the phone and glanced at his lips, but it was still very painful, and it was estimated that there would be blisters.

    While he was staring at the camera, a message popped up at the top of the screen.

    【Z】: Have you eaten?

    Lin Juexiao's hands were extremely trembling today, as if he couldn't grasp anything firmly, and his heavy mobile phone almost fell to the ground.

    At the moment of falling, Lin Juexiao caught it in time, and just clicked into the news of Zhou Jinye.

    He looked down for a while, typing as slowly as if he had just learned pinyin. The dialog box was cut and deleted by him, and finally he simply replied "eat".

    Lin Juexiao has only realized until now that between him and Zhou Jinye, Zhou Jinye is sometimes the one who takes care of others more.

    Although he is just an adult, he has long had the kind of thinking of an adult.

    Zhou Jinye is a very independent boy. Except for those things that happened in his third year of high school, most of the things are handled and solved by him alone.

    He can cook, do housework, and do laundry. Zhou Jinye can take care of himself even if he lives alone.

    Lin Juexiao suddenly remembered the bank card Zhou Jinye gave him. The password of the card was sent to him by Zhou Jinye later on WeChat, but he didn't move any money in it.

    Zhou Jinye sent another message.

    【Z】: What did you eat?

    When we talk about it, it's a standard straight three-piece suit - "Are you there?" "Have you eaten?" "Sleep?"

    Lin Juexiao raised her head and glanced at the wreckage of the food in the trash can, before thinking. Get up and eat something.

    【Spring Sleep】: Rice with potatoes and beef.

    After sending the message, Lin Juexiao laughed loudly, their chat was not boring.

    But after a while, Zhou Jinye sent a voice over -

    "I'm running."

    His voice was slightly lower, but he didn't deliberately suppress it. It sounded extremely clean and there was a whistling wind behind him.

    Listening to his voice, Lin Juexiao seemed to feel the unique weather in summer nights, sultry but cool, a wonderful feeling.

    Lin Juexiao picked up the mobile phone and wanted to send a voice message, but the voice bar just popped up, but he canceled it again.

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