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After waiting for a long time

    , Lin Juexiao didn't know how he fell into a disadvantage.

    He took the initiative to kiss, and when his lips touched Zhou Jinye, Zhou Jinye's expression was still stunned.

    This is Lin Juexiao's first relative, he won't.

    Lin Juexiao is doing that now, but he just feels that as a senior, he should take the initiative.

    And Lin Juexiao also noticed that Zhou Jinye's sense of security is very poor, maybe he needs to let Zhou Jinye perceive that he likes him.

    Lin Juexiao just wanted to briefly touch his lips, but when he started to lean back, Zhou Jinye grabbed his shoulders.

    Zhou Jinye's palm was very large, and he hugged him.

    Lin Juexiao was stunned, he didn't expect Zhou Jinye to come so much, Zhou Jinye listened to him very much, his eyes were closed, and his eyelashes scratched from Lin Juexiao's cheek.

    Lin Juexiao felt that his lips were gently bitten by Zhou Jinye, and it felt like an ant crawling over the surface of the skin.

    Afterwards, Zhou Jinye's palm suddenly moved upwards and clasped his head.

    Lin Juexiao's knees were propped on the sofa. For a moment, he didn't know what to do now, whether to cooperate with Zhou Jinye to continue to deepen the kiss, or to end the rising ambiguous atmosphere.

    He told Zhou Jinye to close his eyes, but his own eyes were open.

    They were too close, and Lin Juexiao could only see Zhou Jinye's trembling eyelids.

    Once you close your eyes, all your senses become extraordinarily sensitive.

    Zhou Jinye stood up unconsciously, he was instantly higher than Lin Juexiao, and the status of the initiative was inexplicably in his hands.

    His kiss was very young, but it was like a spark in a prairie fire.

    Zhou Jinye kissed very hard. This was the first time he had kissed someone and Lin Juexiao.

    His sanity this time was very clear, and it was completely different from the last time he was drunk.

    This time he learned to kiss, not bite.

    Lin Juexiao was pressed on the sofa and kissed thoroughly, and the secret mouth was stained with Zhou Jinye's taste.

    He thought in a daze, how good is Zhou Jinye's lung capacity?

    Zhou Jinye's Adam's apple was rolling, and the kiss was so delicious that he couldn't stop it, and he couldn't stop it.

    Zhou Jinye's phone next to him began to vibrate violently, and the sound overwhelmed his heartbeat.

    "...Jinye." Lin Juexiao turned his head hard, he pushed Zhou Jinye's shoulder, panting, "answer the phone."

    Zhou Jinye's eyes were still glued to his lips, and after a while, he reached out his hand to answer the phone.


    Zhou Jinye's voice was hoarse: "Is it a takeaway? You can leave it at the door, thank you."

    Zhou Jinye hung up the phone, only to realize that the current posture of himself and Lin Juexiao was extremely delicate, and the position between them had long been turned upside down.

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