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I'm very busy today, it's a bit short, I'm going home tomorrow, maybe it's still... Short (whispered)

    Zhou Jinye moved upstairs, in fact, it's no different from living in Lin Juexiao's house, he sometimes follows Lin Juexiao during the day When I went to work, I didn't disturb Lin Juexiao. I was alone in the lounge with a notebook. He took over to help people with the post-photography work.

    It was only recently that Lin Juexiao found out that Zhou Jinye actually still uses Weibo. Although the number of fans is not particularly large, there are still more than a dozen w.

    Zhou Jinye only shoots landscapes. After the winter scenes he took casually in the past were forwarded by a big V, they became inexplicably popular.

    Whether it is hot or not makes no difference to Zhou Jinye, he still only shoots landscapes, and sends them out after adjusting the color.

    No copywriting, no words, and no advertising.

    But those who like Zhou Jinye know that he only shoots landscapes, never portraits.

    Someone asked "why" out of curiosity before.

    Zhou Jinye occasionally opens fan comments, and when he saw that comment, he returned to the fan comment for the first time.

    [ZJY]: I only take portraits of people I like.

    So Zhou Jinye only took portraits of two people, one is his own mother and the other is Lin Juexiao.

    Zhou Jinye still spends almost all of his time at home at Lin Juexiao's house, the only difference is that he has to go upstairs when he sleeps.

    He still continued to deliver breakfast and lunch to Lin Juexiao.

    It was useless for Lin Juexiao to refuse, because Zhou Jinye's expression was very stubborn, he said "I have money" and the next sentence was "I have time too".

    If Lin Juexiao seemed to want to say something else, Zhou Jinye looked like he was going to show him the balance of his bank card.

    Zhou Jinye came too often, instead of leaving after delivering the meal as before, he almost became a mushroom stationed in the lounge.

    Jiang Miaomiao soon discovered the clue, and while Zhou Jinye was in the lounge, there was no one else in the consultation room.

    She quietly leaned over, bumped Lin Juexiao with her elbow and asked, "What's the situation with you and Zhou Jinye now?"

    Lin Juexiao's face was slightly red, he covered his face with the booklet, and said in a muffled voice: " It's just the relationship you think."

    "You're a real bull!" Jiang Miaomiao applauded with emotion, "This is also quite good."

    Today is rarely free, and Jiang Miaomiao couldn't help but gossip: "How does it feel to fall in love with your brother? So, are you very happy?"

    Lin Juexiao pursed her lips and smiled and

    said: "It's good." He added: "I mean Zhou Jinye is very good."

    Jiang Miaomiao shook his head "tsk tsk" and said a few times: " Stay away from me, the sour smell of love on your body has smothered me." The

    two of them were chatting here, the door was knocked, and Zhou Jinye opened it and walked in.

    Jiang Miaomiao is here, Zhou Jinye is not very good at doing too intimate things with Lin Juexiao, he can only walk to Lin Juexiao's side.

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