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"Didn't think you meant this kind of fun."

THE GROUP HAD ALL GATHERED around to go through the very important plan one more time before doing it for real. "Okay. I wanna run through it one more time." Nancy sighed.

"Phase one." Said the girl, now allowing the others to tell her the plan to make sure everyone knows it. "We meet Erica in the playground. She'll signal Max and Lucas when we're ready." Robin told the girl earning a nod from Nancy.

"Phase two."

"Max baits Vecna. He'll go after her, which'll put him in his trance." Steve responded.

"Phase three?"

"Me, Eddie and Fi draw the bats away." Dustin said with a proud smirk, earning a pat from both Eddie and Fiona.


"We head into Vecna's newly bat-free lair, and... flambé." Robin shook the alcohol which had cloth stuffed into the lid in her hand.

"Nobody moves on to the next phase until we've all copied. Nobody deviates from the plan, no matter what. Got it?" Nancy asked as she looked around at all the nervous faces that stood before her.

"Got it." They all responded in union. The group began quickly moving and grabbing their weapons before leaving the trailer behind, minus Erica, Max and Lucas who had to stay in order for the plan to work.

Eddie and Fiona grabbed tight a hold of one another's hand as they got closer to his trailer where the gate was at.

Steve quickly led the way into Eddie's trailer, everyone else following quickly behind. "Be careful." Dustin told Steve who walked over to the rope of bedsheets which had previously been made.

"Thanks, buddy. Here goes nothing." The boy took a deep inhale before using all his strength to climb up the handmade rope and into the Upside Down.

The boy flipped onto the other side, landing on his feet since there was no mattress which could catch him. "What a show-off." Fiona rolled her eyes as she watched the boy leave the room to get a mattress.

"Yeah, what does he want us to do, applaud?" Robin sarcastically mumbled also with a roll of her eyes.

It didn't take long for Steve to come back and place down a mattress for the others to land on. "All right, let's go." Steve said, looking up to the others.

Robin bent down onto one knee so Nancy could easily get up onto the rope and climb her way into the gate. The girl landed with a thud but immediately got off the landing spot, ready for someone else to join them.

Next, Robin climbed up the rope who was followed by Dustin. "You're turn." Eddie nodded at the girl with a small smile which made her look up at the others with a sigh.

"My turn it is." Fiona mumbled as she stood onto Eddie's hand which helped the girl climb up easily. Fi then landed with a groan on the other side and immediately stood up ready for Eddie to join them.

"Hurry up!" Fiona yelled at Eddie who had only just begun climbing. It didn't take long for Eddie to land on the mattress and Fiona was the first one to help the boy up.

"Time to go, I guess." Fiona sighed, grabbing tight a hold of the boy's hand before the group made their way out of the trailer.

"Hey, guys, listen. If things start to go south, I mean, at all, you abort. Okay? Draw the attention of the bats. Keep 'em busy for a minute or two. We'll take care of Vecna. Don't try to be cute or be a hero or something. Okay? You guys are just decoys." Steve rambled on as he looked nervously between the three.

"Don't worry. You can be the hero, Steve." The Henderson boy reassured him with a small smirk. "Absolutely, I mean, look at us. We are not heroes. Maybe Fi is." Eddie shrugged as he looked to his side where Dustin and Fiona were currently standing.

Steve began walking away making Fiona quickly step forwards and yell after him. "Steve?"

"Yeah?" The boy turned around to face his basically sister. The girl sighed before rushing over and giving the brunette a tight hug. "Please, be careful. I can't lose you." She mumbled into his shoulder.

"I will be, I promise." Steve told the girl quietly as he hugged her back. The two Harrington's stayed like that for a few seconds before pulling back.

"Be safe, big boy." Fiona smirked, knowing that he hated the new nickname. "Sure thing, small girl." Fiona smiled at the boy one more time before watching him, Nancy and Robin walk away.

Fiona turned back around to face the two boys, "Well, what are we waiting for?"

The now group of three had boarded up Eddie's entire trailer and any space which the bats may be able to get in through.

"Not bad." Eddie nodded with a proud grin as he stared at the trailer in front of them. "Yeah, it's pretty good." Fiona nodded her head in agreement.

The three all smirked at each other before walking toward the trailer ahead. "Now for the fun part." Eddie smiled.

The trio had made their way to Eddie's room making Fiona's brows furrow. "Didn't think you meant this kind of fun."

The Munson boy turned back to face the girl with a smirk and wide eyes, "I didn't."


Eddie slowly made his way over to a guitar which hung from the wall making the three all chuckle. "It's like she was destined for an alternate dimension."

"What do you say, Henderson, Fi?" Eddie asked as he grabbed the guitar gently. "Are you ready for the most metal concert in the history of the world?"

"That a rhetorical question?" Dustin asked with a huge smirk as Fiona slowly made her way over to the boy and his guitar. "Oh, I am so ready."

Eddie looked down at the girl with a huge grin before putting on the guitar and flipping it so it now sat on his back.

"Let's do it."

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