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- Atlanta, GA -

" Maneeee, mudfuckin abortions banned wtf ima do son" Nuk stressed falling onto the floor being dramatic

" u saying it like u pregnant or sum." Kior made a face at him.

" nawl hell nawl." He jumped up shaking his head immediately

" if U get a hoe pregnant just send her to hangersbyhailey on Instagram" Dooda dumbass said

" no abortionsbylatisha is way better twin" K3 joined in

Kior looked at all of them stupid.

They sound bout dumb ash right nie.

" All of you niggas is just plain out fucking stupid. Just stop fucking bitches raw " Kior said to all of them

" shut up druggie you always got some to say" Dooda looked at her and Kior gave him a evil look

I really hate him. Like I really do.

" I'll kill you bitch stop fucking sayin shi to me hoe" She said to him being dead serious

" I'll put some zippers in them braces shut up"

K3 smacked Dooda in the back of his head wit a pillow.

" Stop talking crazy to my twin nigga for I fuck you up" he told him

" how bout both y'all shut the hell up' I'm over here going through it right now" Nuk rocked back nd forth on the floor fake crying

" Can all u mfs shut the fuck up damn" Keelo spoke out of no where makin everyone look at him forgetting he was there

" forgot yo black ass even came over here" Kamryn said putting his legs on Kior

" Ong emo ass be popping out of no where saying shit" Dooda says making Keelo mug him

Keelo raised up. " Who emo bitch?"

He so fine.

Kior, kamryn nd Nuk all got quiet and just sat there and observed.

" you nigga df" Dooda responded humping his shoulders

Keelo chuckled " Dooda I've beat cho ass 4 times bra find u some safe to do lil bra" he waved him off

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