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- Atlanta, GA -

" Nuk leave my friend alone she just got here and you already harassing her" Kior said sitting down on the couch

" You shut up, now Nala stop playin wit me shawty" he turned his attention back to Nala

" boy gon on somewhea" Nala laughed not taking him serious

" my poor brudda delusional" Kior sighed as she ate her caramel & apples

" tryna play me like I'm ugly or sum" he made a face

" you not it's just I have a boyfriend ...Ian the cheatin type" she shrugged

" what King Von say?" Nuk tapped his chin like he was thinkin " Bitch fuck yo nigga, Ho fuck his feelings" he sung in Nala face

" nigga ain't fuckin you right' you ain't een glowin I can make you glow like a mudfucka" he told her licking his lips

" omg" Kior laughed

" Your funny" Nala blushed

She def feelin ma boy

He sucked his teeth " you gon see fa yo self soon..keep playin" he stood up going to the bathroom

" y'all would be cute" Kior giggled making Nala look at her " but yk you in a relationship..."

" I WONT TAKE NO DISRESPECT FROM NO HO IM NOT CRAZY BITCH IM PHYSCO" K3 rapped yelling coming in the house with keelo behind him

" TWINNNNNNNNNNN" Kior ran to him huggin him

" wassammmm twinnnnnn" he returned energy hugging back

" ight nie get off me" they both said at the same time

" oh your a twin???" Nala asked

" mhm" Kior nodded

" Youn see a nigga or sum?" Keelo pushed her head

" no I do not" she walked off back to her seat on the couch. He eyed her sitting down on the separate couch getting on his phone

They had got into it this morning at his house. He found out she was wit Kemarion.

" HOE FUCK YOU TOO DA FUCK" Nuk yelled being on the phone as he walked back into the living room

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