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July 24th, 2026: 3:00 p

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July 24th, 2026: 3:00 p.m.

Three Years Later...

"Booty." I husked, kissing her neck softly.

"Hmm, pookie." She groaned, looking the same as she did when I met her all those years ago.


"It's your birthday, baby. Happy birthday. Get up." I said, now hovering over her and planting soft kisses on either side of her neck.

"Shh, go back to sleep." She huffed, opening her eyes.

It look could kill, me and this boner I have would be dead and disassembled.

"I can't, baby. It's your birthday and I'm ready to give you one of your presents." I said, smirking.

"I'm currently, in another country with my husband and kids. That's the most greatest birthday present I could ask for Pookie, and thank you for the birthday wish." She said, smiling while caressing my face.

"Yea, but I have something even greater. He makes you cream and scream." I said, with a bright smile.

"Who? John the next door neighbor." She said, causing me to mug her then my boner instantly went soft.

I can't stand that gay ass nigga John. He stay flirting with me and she knows I cringe at the mention of his name. I never been more scared of a person in my life and my brother and brother and law are GAY! He's just one those gays that you can't turn your back too or he's trying to rub his dick on you.

"Goodnight, Noelle. I don't even want to give you no more birthday dick." I said, moving to my side of the bed then I turned to the other side while she continued laughing.

"Pookie, you know that's not my name and I was just joking baby. You're the only person who makes me scream and cream." She said, running her smooth velvety hands down my muscular back.

"Come on daddy, don't you want to make me cream and scream before the kids wake up? Hmm, my pussy is extra wet just thinking of all the ways you can fuck me. Looking at the time, that's about 7 hours before the kids wake up, daddy." She followed up, causing me to turn my head and look back at her like she was crazy.

Her words, went straight to my dick.

"Go to sleep." I gritted out, laughing my head down roughly on the pillow.

She kissed me off with that John shit.

"Mhm, ok. I guess, I'll play with myself and make myself scream and cream over and over again." She said, then I turned all the way over and grabbed her hand before she could rub her swollen clit.

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