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July 24th, 2026: 11:35 p

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July 24th, 2026: 11:35 p.m.

"Noelle, open the door." Giovanni said, while rattling the door knob.

"Bro, just leave me alone." I said, packing up my makeup bag.

"I need to use the bathroom." He said, causing me to roll my eyes.

"Giovanni, please just leave me alone." I said, starting the shower.

"I can't just leave you alone, you're my wife." He said, from outside of the door.

I decided just to ignore him.

Stepping inside of the shower, I let the hot water cascade down my body, while letting tears fall down my face.

I didn't mean to get pregnant, but here I am. Pregnant and my husband doesn't even want the baby, I guess I'll do it all on my own.

"BABY, OPEN THE DOOR!" He yelled out.

15 Minutes Later...

"Noelle." He said, getting up from the bed then I held my hand out.

"Please." I said, walking over to where my luggage was in room then I placed my dirty clothes inside the separate luggage.

"What are you doing?" He asked, standing beside me.

"Giovanni, please just give me some personal space please." I begged, looking up at him with teary eyes.

"You're crying because of me though, let me fix it." He said, running his hands down his face.

"Oh well, just go to bed." I said, nonchalantly then I went back inside of the bathroom and finished my night routine.

I heard him let out a huge sigh before, I heard the sliding door to the patio slam shut.

I'm leaving.

Time Skip: 5 A.M.

"Bitch, what you doing out here?" Zoie asked, mugging me with his robe tied up and bonnet on.

Damn, let's talk about getting comfortable.

"I'm here to get the kids, we leaving. I already have their things in the car, I just need help loading them in so we can head to the airport." I solemnly, spoke.

"Oh, no. What happened?" Gianni asked, wrapping his arms around Zoie.

"Um, Giovanni doesn't want anymore kids and I'm pregnant. Surprise." I said, then I turned to the side and rubbed my small pudge.

"Oh, shit! He's gonna be so happy." Gianni exclaimed, then Zoie smacked him.

"You dumbass, Gianni doesn't want more kids." Zoie scolded, then Gianni's jaw dropped.

"Well, shouldn't he have thought about that before he continued.. you know, releasing kids inside of you." He said, causing me to shake my head.

"Can I just have my babies, I had a long night and I just want to leave." I said, then they nodded and walked back inside of the house.

"You can't do any lifting, so get inside of the car we'll load them up, and congratulations I can't wait to meet this one next." Gianni smiled, causing me to smile.

"Thank you." I said, then I walked down the steps and headed back the car.

Back at home in the states...

"Where's dad and why aren't we home?" Kairi asked, sitting next to me on the couch leaning her head on my shoulder.

"Me and daddy aren't speaking at the moment." I replied, rubbing her head then I gave her a kiss.

Giovanni and I have never lied to our kids and we don't want to start now.

"A-are you guys gonna break up." She asked sniffling, which caused my heart to break.

"No, no baby. I love your father a lot and he's my soulmate, but sometimes in marriage things aren't perfect so you have to take time away from one another." I reassured, then she nodded and laid her head on my boobs and cuddled into my side.

"I know, you're pregnant mom. I-is that why daddy left?" She asked, looking up at me with teary eyes.

"Your father doesn't know I'm pregnant, and yes. Me and your father got into a disagreement, but everything will be fine and you guys have nothing to worry about." I said, then she nodded.

"Ok mommy, I love you." She whispered, letting out a big yawn.

"I love you more." I said, then my phone started ringing again and it was Giovanni calling so I hung up then Kai phone started ringing.

"Mom! Dad wanna talk to you." Loyal called out from down the hall.

"Tell him I'm sleep." I whispered, then he looked dead in my face and smirked.

"She's right here on the sofa...yes, her phone is beside her...No we're ok, we're at another house...No, she didn't take us home...Yes, we're safe...Junior and Vani are asleep, Kai falling asleep on mommy now, and Mom just look...Tired." He said, causing me to mug him then he placed the phone on speaker.

"Noelle, baby. I know you're upset with me, but leaving with my kids without a trace is wrong. I didn't know what happened to you guys, and for you not to pick up the phone is really immature. You're acting like a fucking child, GROW UP!" Giovanni screamed, through the phone and all I could do was wipe the tears that fell from my face.

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"Hang up the phone." I said, then he nodded and hung up the phone.

"I'm sorry, mommy." Loyal said softly, and I opened my arms out then he laid on my other side then I kissed his forehead.

"It's ok baby, he's just upset. I love you guys." I said, kissing his forehead.

"We love you too." He whispered, before letting out a yawn.

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