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October 1st, 2026: 9:15 a

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October 1st, 2026: 9:15 a.m.

"Good morning Mrs.Brewster, who is this accompanying you today?" Dr. Cynthia Chase asked, looking up from her clipboard.

"My husband." I said, then she nodded after making a note then she gave us her full attention.

"I'm Doctor Cynthia Chase, and it's so nice to meet. At the last appointment, we found out Mrs. Brewster here is expecting twins but there are some underlying issues with that." Dr. Chase said , causing Giovanni to sit up.

"Underlying issues such as?" He asked, grabbing my hand.

"As you know when the last pregnancy, your wife began bleeding at an abnormal rate and that was due to stress from surrounding sources. Now that she's pregnant with twins, the amount of stress that she undergoes has to be to a minimum I mean no stress at all or it could disrupt the birthing process and we might have a repeat of what happened last time, but this time it's a higher chance of it being fatal for both her and the babies because she's not only supplying blood for herself and the baby but two babies." She explained, causing him to nod.

"How is she now? I swear her pregnancy will be peaceful. I try to make all of them that way." He said, his voice was laced with so much concern and fear that it made me want to cry.

"Yes, her and the babies are perfectly healthy. I'm so proud, the babies heartbeats are extraordinary." She said, then she turned up the ultrasound machine so we can hear them as well.

"See, nothing to worry about Mr.Brewster." She reassured.

I know she's just doing her job, but she needs to shut up.

"Are there any activities she needs to avoid?"" He asked, causing me to side eye him.

"Are you referring to sex?" She asked, then he rubbed his chin and nodded causing me to blush.

"Oh, Lord." I mumbled.

"Well no, the babies were fine when you guys were having sex without you guys knowing they were there so there's nothing to worry about. Sex is actually encouraged." She informed, causing him to nod then he looked at me with lustful eyes.

"What?" I asked, looking at him with a deep blush.

"Nothing? One more question, can she travel? Like to another country?" He asked, causing my eyebrows to furrow together.

"Of course, but please be cautious. Flight are filled with germs." She said, then he nodded.

"We have a couple private Jets, so we're good on that." He said, so causally.

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