Only Thing I Need | Zach Justice

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Warnings: talk of period, swearing, Zach being Zach, fluff

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Warnings: talk of period, swearing, Zach being Zach, fluff



It was odd that you weren't out of bed at 9:30 with your final alarm.

"Hey. Babe." Zach whistles, "Are you coming or what?"

"No." You mumble from under the blankets, "It's a no go for anything today."

You feel the bed dip down and you peak out from under the covers, "I got my period, and it hurts." He tilts his head, "Ah. There's why you've been a little bitchy."

You roll your eyes, "get out."

Zach leans in, "I'm joking. Okay. Now you get comfy. Pick a movie." He pecks your head and gets up, "Do you want medicine?"

"Yes please." You say as you move your way up to let in a comfortable position. You grab the remote from the night stand and switch the tv on.

A few minutes later, Zach comes back in, with not only your medicine and a drink, but with a heating pad, too.

He gives you the pills and you take them as you watch him plug in the heating pad and turn it on, "Be careful. This thing can get hot."

You laugh at the parent mode coming out on him, "Thank you." You lay the heating pad over your stomach and rest your arms over it.

You finally settle on a movie and look at the door, "Babe. You coming?"

"Yeah." He yells back, "Hold your horses for another minute."

"But I don't have horses." You whine with a laugh, "Zach. I need cuddles."

He walks in, a bunch of snacks in his arms and he looks at you, "Whatever I'm here, you can put them in the stable." He kicks the door closed and flicks off the lights, "Do you need anything else before I get into bed with you?"

You shake your head, "no, the only thing I need is you."

He smirks, "You're so cheesey." You roll your eyes as you push the blanket back to make room for him, "Have you heard yourself speak?"

He thinks for a moment, "No, I normally just rapid fire." He laughs, "Anyway, I got a variety of food because I wasn't sure what the demons inside of you were craving, so I just covered all the basics, K?"

You look up at him, "Thank you. You did good, baby."

He nods, "Cool. So what movie did you pick?"


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