Can't Make it Home | Colby Brock

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Summary: anon request - "car sex with colby please?"

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Summary: anon request - "car sex with colby please?"

Warnings: SMUT18+, strong language, unprotected car sex, filth


"You gotta.." Colby moves your leg a little and nods, "Yeah! There we go, baby."

Your gaze landed on his face as you felt the he's did his cock rub up against your soaked cunt, your nail dig into his skin as you slide down onto him.

Your moans fill the car and Colby's grip is tight on your body, "Fuck. Fuck." He bucks his hips slightly and you take the cue to move.

Your hips lift and fall in a flawless manner that earns moans and pleasured groans from you and Colby. His hands slide roughly around your body.

His hands pushing up on your thighs to give you some sort of help, "Fuck." He breathes out, "You feel so fucking good."

You let out a whine, clenching your walls around his cock, "Fuck, fuck." You moan loudly, "So close."

He reaches up, pulling you in by the neck, "C'mere."

His lips crash onto yours, swapping moans as you continue to grind down your hips, "C-Colby.." you whimper out, nails clawing at the skin on his chest.

"That's it." Colby nods, "Be a good girl and cum for me."


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