First Date | Matt Sturniolo

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Summary: Matt and Reader's first day is to the amusement park

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Summary: Matt and Reader's first day is to the amusement park.

Warnings: none, fluff


You and Matt had your first date today.

You couldn't lie, you were nervous about it. You liked him, so you were really hoping for a second date.

When he picked you up, you just could not stop smiling, and neither could he.

It was small talk the whole way to the amusement park, mainly about what rides you both like and to your surprise, you both like and don't like a lot of the same rides.

When you first got in, you just decided to walk around first and get on whatever you felt like at the time.

You went on a roller coaster, then on the carousel, then you made it back around to get on the swings.

You glance over at Matt and smile at him. He leans forward, reaching out his hand, "You havin' fun?" You reach back, connecting your fingertips with his, "I sure am. Are you?"

He nods, leaning back as the ride starts to slowly move forward.

The whole time you're flying around in circles, Matt was taking random pictures of you, smiling bigger at each one he takes.

He thought you were the most gorgeous girl he's ever seen.

Once the ride ends, you lift up your lap bar and slide down off of the hanging chair, "I've always loved the swings."

Matt was nervous, so he just decided to go for it.

He took your hand into his and interlocked your fingers with his, "Me too." You smirk as his failed subtly and walk away with him.

By now it's dark and every light on the rides and bindings were lit up, the fluorescent neon light cashing a glow onto Matt.

You gently chewed on your lip as you watched him admire the lights above. He looks at you, and to avoid him saying anything about catching you stare at him, you point to a giant claw swing ride, "Let's go on that!"

"What!?" Matt follows you hand in yours, "What are you fuckin' nuts?"

You laugh, glancing back at him, thinking - only for you.

You didn't want to scare him off with it only being your first date, but little did you know that he was hoping it would be for him.

As you walk over and sit down in the seat, you look at Matt and he takes a deep breath, "Why did I let you talk me into this?"

You laugh, "We can get off if y-"

"No." Matt laughs and looks at you, "You want to ride this thing, so we're riding it." You hold your arms out like the ride instructor says to, "Well, too late now I guess?"

Matt groans and rests his head back, "Oh, fuck. Y/n."

You hold your hand out, "If you wanna hold my hand it's right here." You wiggle your fingers and his hand desperately searches for yours before finally clinging to it like no tomorrow.

The ride starts to move, swinging high and higher while the ride spins around.

Matt's screams have you completely sidetracked, all you can do is laugh.

Once the ride is done and you walk off, you look up at Matt, "So.. um." You laugh slightly, "Did I just ruin my chance for a second date?" You tease and he rolls his eyes, "Please, if i didn't like you, I wouldn't have rode that death trap monstrosity with you."

You smile, nodding, "Okay." You turn and he moves to lay his arm over your shoulder as you walk. You wrap your arm around his back and bite your lip to keep your happiness from exploding.

Matt leans in, his voice quiet, "I'm so happy to know that you're thinking of a second date."


This was my very first Sturniolo blurb one shot whatever, so please let me know how you liked it, and as always, I love ya's! 🖤

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