Change of Plans | Sam Golbach

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Warnings: hints at role playing, dry humping, dirty talk, kinda fluffy?

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Warnings: hints at role playing, dry humping, dirty talk, kinda fluffy?



You stood in the bathroom, making sure the costume you bought on a whim, was perfect.

Your fingers shake as you fiddle with the clip of the suspenders, your eyes locked on the waist band of your short skirt.

You were silently mustering up enough courage to just do it. Even though you know for a fact Sam will absolutely love it, there's just a part of you that's just always anxious and a teeny bit self conscious, but that's normal.

This time, you were using it to try and get out of going to dinner with friends. You both had a busy week and you know he needs you like you need him.

"Babe." Sam yells from out in the bedroom, "We gotta leave in ten."

"Okay, baby." You return from behind the closed bathroom door. You knew the school girl aesthetic was a fantasy of Sam's, you talked about it while doing a truth or drink episode, but behind the scenes, ya know.

You applied the second layer of your red lipstick and pressed them together as you leaned back. You pull up your white fishnet thigh high tights as you let out a slow sigh, "Okay."

Reaching down with a shaky hand, you pull the door open and walk out. You stop right before you round the corner, "Sam." You whine, "Do we have to go?"

You hear Sam chuckle from in the bedroom still, "I'm afraid so baby. Im so-"

His words stop as you round the corner and his jaw drops. Yours also drops in return, mainly to the all white outfit he had on.

He was glowing. You tilt your head, "Think this is enough to make you want to stay home?" Sam's eyes continuously rake up and down your body, "Uh huh."

You walk over do him, placing your hands on his shoulders and you sit him down, straddling his lap,

His hands rest on your waist before punches each suspender and sliding his hands up until he reaches your chin, "Such a naughty girl."

You nod, whimpering out as your hands drag down over his shoulders, "Mhm." He leans back, reaching into his pocket to pull out his phone.

"What are you doing?" You ask glancing from the phone in his hand to his face and he looks at you as he places the phone to his ear.

A smirk rest on his lips as he presses down onto the back of your waist and you bite your lip. You slowly start to grind down onto him as he answer the phone, "Yo, Colby. Listen man.." Sam pauses and shifts his hips forward, eyes still on yours, "Y/n is sick, like it's.. just bad."

You lay a hand on your mouth to stifle your laughter and Sam sighs, "So yeah." He lays back and bucks his hips for you to continue grinding down on him, "We won't be there tonight. No I know."

Sam closes his eyes, biting down on his lip, trying to keep his composure as you grind harder, "It.. sucks. Y/n was looking forward to going, too. I just feel for her you know?"

You move back slightly, undoing his pants slowly and he bites down on his lip, "Yeah. That would be nice, bro. Thanks."

You're just about to free Sam's cock from his boxers when you feel a hand on your wrist. You look up and Sam pulls you back into his lap, "Not following rules, I see."

You smile and shrug, "I don't know what you're talking about Mr. Golbach."

Sam smirks, "Continuing to lie even after she was caught in the act." He hums lowly and slips his hands under your skirt to show the rest of your ass, "Looks like you need a punishment."

He rolls you over, laying you on your back and his lips find yours. You lean your head back slightly, "Wait." You laugh slightly, "I thought I was gonna get to be on top?"

Sam gently presses a few kisses to your exposed chest area and looks up at you, "Change of plans, sweetheart."


Thanks for reading! As always, let me know how you liked it. Ilysm! 🖤

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