Gettin' By | Colby Brock ft. Jake Webber

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Summary: anon request - "fic momma, i know you are swamped on asks but my twisted little brain needs a jake and colby double-team fic

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Summary: anon request - "fic momma, i know you are swamped on asks but my twisted little brain needs a jake and colby double-team fic. please. but also- take your time. ily"

Warnings: SMUT18+, strong language, threesome, unprotected sex, name calling, creampie, facial, oral (m rec), filth



You laid there, panting heavy as Colby withdrew his fingers from your battered cunt, coming down from your third orgasm of the night.

For the last hour and a half, Colby and Jake have used you, just like you agreed to do. Jake was going through a hard time, and you and your boyfriend, Colby, both care a lot for Jake, so you wanted him to get his mind off of the person who couldn't care less about him.

So, you and Colby made Jake an offer, and he accepted it within minutes.

"She's starting to get tired." Colby says moving up to kiss your head and you shake it, "No, no. I'm okay. I promise." They both chuckle at you and you whine out, "Please.. I need someone's dick in me."

Jake also accepted that offer fast, too. He pushes back your thighs and bites down on his lip as he reaches down to align his cock with you.

You let out a whimpered moan as you feel him enter you fully, bottoming out right away. He groans, "Colby." Colby looks up from you to Jake with a smirk, "What's up?"

Jake slides out and slowly slides back in, "Your girlfriend, feels fucking amazing." Colby looks down at you, "did you hear what Jake said, baby? He brushes hair from your face and you let out a loud moan, "Y-yeah."

Colby watches as your tits bounce up and down with each thrust from Jake, "Fuck." Colby reaches up, grabbing the back of your neck to pull you down towards his throbbing cock, "Get me off, baby."

You moan as you adjust your arm, leaning down to meet the tip of Colby's cock with your lips, licking them before taking him in partially.

"Come on, baby." Colby groans, "I know you can do better than that." He gathers your hair into a makeshift pony with his fist and pushes your head down, "Relax, sweetheart."

You took a shaky breath through your nose and squeezed your eyes shut. You tried not to moan around him from Jake, but you fail. But Colby likes it.

He groans loudly, tightening his grip on your hair, "Such a good little slut, huh." He gasps as you quickly push your head down onto him, holding yourself there for a few seconds before lifting your head to catch your breath.

"So close, babe." Colby strokes your hair and Jake nods, laying his fingers on your clit, "Me too." He groans, "Fuck, where do you want me to cum?"

Colby shrugs, "It's up to, y/n." You groan out, squeezing Jake's cock with your pulsating walls, "F-fuck, I don't care just don't fucking stop!" You moan as you feel your orgasm coming on quick.

Colby pushes your head back down onto his cock and moans when you swirl your tongue around the head. You bring your hand up, stroking what you don't have in your mouth and you hear their moans mix together as they both grow closer to filling you.

"F-fuck, m'gonna cum in this pussy." Jake groans, "Is that okay with you, baby?" You lift your head, moaning out loudly, "Yes, yes fuck yes." You take Colby back in your mouth. You bob your head a few times before sinking him back into your throat.

You gag around him slightly and he holds your head there, thrusting his hips up and down, "Fuck." He groans, "doin' so good for us, baby girl."

"Such a good girl." Jake adds pressure to your clit and Colby lifts your head, "You gonna let us fill you, baby?" Colby brushes your cheek and you nod, "P-please."

He nods and looks to Jake, "You heard her." Jake smirks and you feel his thrusts grow harder. You let out a moan, whimpering as you part your lips to suck Colby off.

You squeeze your eyes shut, chasing not only your orgasm, but Colby's, too. You bobbed your head, swirled your tongue, everything. Your jaw was tired.

But it wasn't too long until you felt Colby pull your head back and hold it still as he jacked himself off, moaning out your name as he drew white lines and dots over your face.

Jake thrusts his cock all the way and you feel his hips stutter as his cock twitches inside of you. You swipe your tongue out, collecting some of Colby's cum before it drops down onto the bed.

"So fucking beautiful." Colby whispers as he swipes cum with his thumb and slips it into your mouth for you to suck clean, "All fucked out."

You whimper as your tongue swirls around his thumb, nodding slightly. Colby smiles, "I'll go get a bath ready for you, yeah?" He stands up, walking out of the room and Jake leans down, grabbing a towel before laying next to you to wipe your face.

"Thank you." He whispers lowly and you look over at him with a smile, "Glad we could be of help, Jake."


Thank you for reading. I appreciate all of the love and support I've been getting. I love you all!🖤

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