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Summary: anon request - "OOO can you write fem reader x jake fluff to smut? Like reader having been away to film a vid with sam n colby in another country and she finally gets back? love your writing its MWAH"

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Summary: anon request - "OOO can you write fem reader x jake fluff to smut? Like reader having been away to film a vid with sam n colby in another country and she finally gets back? love your writing its MWAH"

Warnings: strong language, sexual and suggestive language, hints at sexting, fluff mostly I'll do a part 2 at some point



"I bet Jake is itching to see you." Sam chuckles, "This is the first time you've been away from each other for more than a few days right?" You look at Sam and nod, "Two days is the most, anything more is.." you sigh and shake your head, laughing as the flight attendant announces take off.

You make sure neither boy on either side of you are looking at your phone before you open the thread because as you suspected, photos you sent Jake to hold him over for the duration of the plane ride are on full display.

You text him - quickly, On the plane getting ready for take off. I love you. I can't wait fuck, I mean hug and kiss you. You hit send and put your phone on airplane mode. You get out your headphones, slipping them over your ears before you turn on your music.

You smile as one of Jake's favorite songs plays. You try to follow along to the words, the beat of the music, but you just can't.

You were needing Jake.

Craving, aching, yearning for him.

You knew you were flying home to some good welcome home sex, but you needed to calm down now. You glanced over to the window, smiling at Colby when he looks over at you. He gives you a thumbs up and you nod, giving him a thumbs up back before resting your head back.

You needed Jake's hands on you. Recovering your body in his fingerprints, his touch that makes you weak no matter what way he touches you.

You tried pushing the thoughts away, mainly because they were just causing you to be uncomfortable because you were forcing yourself to sit still. You were scared to sleep. No matter how tired you were, you didn't want to risk announcing in your sleep to the whole plane that you're having a wet dream.

You took a deep, quiet, and calming breath before closing your eyes. All you could picture was seeing Jake in the airport. It's going to be late when you get in, but you know neither you nor Jake will be tired once you get your hands on each other.

You eventually make it through the long flight, basically if you didn't have Sam or colby to talk to, you would have died from boredom.

As you make your way off the plane and to the baggage claim, you feel your heart start racing faster and faster. You felt like you were meeting Jake for the very first time all over again.

You love and hated it.

"So you see them?" Sam asks and Colby looks around, "No, not yet." Your eyes search the crowd around you and you suddenly spot Jake over everybody.

You gasp, tapping Colby's side with your hand, "There." You point and Jake and Johnnie wave. Sam looks at you, "Go." He nods towards Jake, "I got your bags."

You smile and let go of your suitcase, ripping off your backpack and taking off towards Jake. As soon as you're close enough, you push yourself off the ground, leaping into his open arms.

He catches your and your arms and legs wrap around him. He hugs you right, "Mmm." He squeezes your body, "I missed you." He leans his head back and scans his eyes over your face, "Gimme a kiss, sugar lips."

You laugh and lean in, pressing your lips to his. His arms tighten around your body and he hums lowly, "I hope you're not tired." He chuckles and leans back to look at you.

You bite your lip, "Don't worry, I feel a second wind coming on." You smirk and he nods, "Good, because I have a schedule, and it's a lengthy schedule." He winks and you laugh. You honestly wouldn't be surprised if he did have a schedule.

You talk amongst each other, mainly about the investigation, as you make your way to his car. Colby leans forward once he shuts the door and you look over at him, "What's up?"

"Is it cool if we find a close hotel to crash at?" Colby asks and your eyes move up to Jake. You look forward to hide your smirk and nod, "Yeah, I think that's a good idea."


Thank you so much for reading! As always, let me know what you thought. I love you all! 🖤

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