Cuff Key | Zach Justice

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Summary: anon request - "Zach justice hand cuffs smut

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Summary: anon request - "Zach justice hand cuffs smut."

Warnings: SMUT18+, strong language, unprotected sex, use of handcuffs, general filth



You feel Zach's thrusts come to a stop. You weren't paying attention to what he was doing, you were trying to catch your breath.

It wasn't until you hard a click - a familiar click.

You shift your body slightly and look back at Zach. Your eyes widen as you see the shiny metal cuffs dangling from in between the grasp of his fingers.

"Trust me?" Zach asks as he raises his brows and you smile and nod, "I trust you." He pulls his bottom lip between his teeth as his eyes stay on yours. His hand reaches for yours, grabbing your wrist to cuff it before doing the same do your other one.

You pull slightly, making sure you won't be able to get them off. Zach lays a hand on your arm, "They too tight?"

"No, babe. They're good." You look at him and within a second, you're moaning out to his cock making its way back into your soaked cunt.

Zach groans as his one hand grips tightly onto your hip. His other holds the chain that's holding the cuffs around your wrists together. He uses it as leverage, pulling your arms back so he can pull you towards him with each thrust.

You moan out loudly which quickly turns into screaming his name as you cum.

Both of his hands move to your forearms, pinning and pushing your arms down into your lower back as he pounds into you, guiding you through your high.

"Fuck." Zach groans lowly, his grip growing harder, "I'm gonna cum." His hips stutter before his cock disappears from inside of you. You let out a whimper as you feel him pump his cock onto your ass.

"That was hot." Zach says tapping your thigh. You let out a small laugh and nod, "Agreed." Zach moves off the bed, "Stay here."

"Where am I possibly going to go in this state?" You laugh and Zach scoffs, "I'm supposed to know that?" He comes back over and wipes you off before he moves to slip on a pair of sweats.

You manage to sit up and you look at Zach, "Alright, fun's over." You laugh, "Where's the little switch thingy to get me out of these?" Zach laughs slightly, "Uh-" he tilts his head, "The what?"

You look up at him and tilt your head, thinking he's just screwing around with you, "Babe. Come on." He shakes his head, "Babe. They're real handcuffs, you need the key to unlock them."

You stare at him, processing what he just said, "Do you have the key?" Panic slightly settling in, "Get the key." He nods, "Oh, yeah. Right." He gets on the bed, pushing his hands over the blanket, "I had it with-"

He stands up, walking around to look on the floor. You stand up and stare at him, "Babe." Zach tries not to laugh at your impatient whine, "Y-yeah?" You sigh, fighting back laughter, "You don't have the key.. Do you?"

"No, no. I have it." He stands up, "I had it. I just-" he flings the blanket a little too hard and you both hear the sound of a small piece of metal clinking to the ground.

"Ha! Found it." Zach said pointing, "Now.. we just have to find it again." He laughs and comes over to you, "Here." He grabs his sweatshirt and puts it over your head.

You can't help but laugh as he pulls it down over your body, "How am I supposed to help look when I can't even wear a sweatshirt?"

Zach shrugs, shaking his head as he laughs, "We.. will.. figure it out." He presses a few kisses to your lips, "Just work with me here."


Thank you so much for reading! As always, let me know what you think! I love yas! 🖤

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