Are you Awake?

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The room was dark so you could barley make out the blades of the cieling fan as you stared the ceiling, unable to sleep. Critters were making noise outside your window, the air was hot and a little sticky, and to make it worse, your boyfriend laid next to you on his stomach with his arm laying heavily across your torso. As if the heat by its self wasn't enough.

The sweat on your bare abdomin combined with the sweat on his arm made your skin stick together.
The room would glow from the bright strikes of heat lightning every few minuets and when it did you could catch a glimpse of the clock on the wall.
2:29 a.m. and yet you felt no closer to sleep than you did when your boyfriend, Chris, suggested you both lay down to stay cool, at 8:45 p.m.

Your eyes refused to stay closed for much longer than a few seconds.
"Chris." You whispered softly.
"Mghhm.." he grunted back, so quietly you almost missed it.
"Are you still awake?" You whispered again, although you weren't really sure why you were whispering, and the answer to your question was obvious.
"No." He said deeply, shifting and successfully pulling you impossibly closer to him, as he buried his face in the crook of your neck.
"Babe, it's so hot." You said trying to pull away from him, when you felt his lips start moving on your neck and slowly make their way to yours.

As Chris became more awake he slowly climbed on top of you. You pushed him off of you,
"Not now, I'm hot. I was trying to get you off of me."
"Seriously? You woke me up for that?" He asked.
"Oh, bite me. You're fuckin' heavy."
"Mhmm." He murmured as he began to kiss down your stomach.
"Chris!" You yelped as he tickled your sides when he got down to your belly button.
He laughed quietly as he continued moving down.
"STOP!" You giggled as he kept tickling you, lifting his face up to be level with yours.
"Fine, goodnight." He said pecking your lips and laying on his back next you.

A few minuets went by and sleep still seemed like a distant reality. You were looking in Chris' direction the next time lightning struck and his face lit up gorgeously.
'Screw it' you thought, and moved quickly to straddle his hips, dipping your head to gently suck on his neck. Right below his ear where you know it drove him crazy.
When you felt him grip your hips tightly you pulled back to look at his face.

You were inches apart, yet you could just barley see his brilliant blue eyes looking into yours.
"Don't start something you can't finish." He warned in a husky voice that sent chills down your spine.
"I intend to finish," You said, and leaned closer so you could whisper "multiple times."
You thought you heard a low growl and before you could move he had flipped you onto your back and was kissing you hungrily.

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