-dating steve would include-

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• this boy isn't afraid to show how much he adores you

• constantly holding your hand, he always has to be touching you, he can't keep his hands to himself when it comes to you

• letting you play with his fluffy hair

calling you 'baby girl' or 'doll'

make out sessions in his car or in the library (steamy ;)

• when he tells you he loves you, always kissing your forehead gently

• and whoever flirts with you, he has a armed wrapped around your waist protectively, glaring at the person who dared to do it

• sex

• i mean c'mon, sex with steve? it's amazing

• late night drives

• sleepovers at each other's houses 'cause ya'll can't stay away from each other

• the kids looking up to the both of you

• teasing from dustin and mike

• you both being the parents of the group (let's be honest, steve takes the mom role)

• always wearing his jacket

• sex everywhere

• babysitting the kiddos

• being the best couple in the school

• and overall he's just the best boyfriend ever

and that's all! hope you enjoyed this!

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