:skate with me: steve harrington

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"Holy shit! What if I fall on my ass?"

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"Holy shit! What if I fall on my ass?"

"Ha, what ass?"

"Steve, I swear."


- THE ICE RINK swarmed with bodies as you tried to skate through the sea of people, holding tightly onto Steve's hand, somewhat shaking from how cold the ice rink was. A smile tugged on his perfect, pink lips, indicating that he was happy, but you on the other hand, were scared to hit the pearly white ice.

"(Y/N), you're going to break my hand." He teases as you hold tighter, almost doing the splits when he went a little faster. The lights were dimmed low, disco lights spinning around like crazy, and soft, gentle music playing in the background. Steve let go of your hand, facing you so that now he was skating backwards.

"How the hell are you doing that without falling?" You muttered, cursing underneath your breath as you almost got knocked down. You wanted to hide in your oversized sweater, but you were desperately trying not to fall on your face, or your ass.

"It's called skills babe," He does a quick spin, winking at you as he does so, and you wobble, feeling your heels hurt like hell. "Do you want to sit out for a bit?" Nodding yes, he grabs your freezing hand, kissing the backside of it, then guiding you to the benches. When you sit down, you lean against the wall, huffing out a cloud of cold air. Steve faces you, a huge grin on his lips.

"Your little nose is so red, aw. It's so cute," He teases, bopping you on the tip of your nose, and you blush. "God, you're so adorable," You playfully smack his arm, rolling your (E/C) eyes at his remark.

"I think I broke my feet," You say, half joking and half being serious. Steve chuckles, kissing your cheek.

"We should skate some more, c'mon!" He yells like a little kid finally being able going to the candy store; and you groan as he pulls you up.

When your skates touch the hard ice, you almost slip, letting out a squeal as a little kid zoomed by, laughing. You stared in amazement that a five year old could skate better than you.

Go figure.

Steve finds your hand, pulling you a lot faster than you were going before.

"Holy shit! What if I fall on my ass?"

"Ha, what ass?" He retorts, laughing when you flipped him off.

"Steve, I swear." Steve guides you over to the skating wall, and leans in slowly, his hot breath kissing your cheeks. You wanted to close the distance, but you were afraid that you would stumble to the floor.

Oh screw it.

You reached in to kiss him, but your blades got caught in the ice, causing you to wobble forwards, dragging Steve down with you. He groaned in pain as his head hit the ice and you immediately started to apologize.

"Oh shi- my god, you okay? I'm sorry!" He started to laugh, his cheeks glowing red. All eyes stared at you; but you didn't care. To Steve, it felt like it was just you and him. He kisses you, your lips melting against his.

He was your world; but you were his universe.


Once again, feel like this is bad. But went ice skating today so this made me want to write this :) Anyways, hope you enjoyed xx

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