:late night talks: part two

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"You're all I need and all I want

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"You're all I need and all I want."


- YOU HAD NO idea Steve had felt anything for you, you just thought you were that type of friend who could talk to him when he needed, and you surely didn't know how you felt. Sure, he was attractive, had humor, and was a great listener. But he was known for his popularity and being a jerk, yet he never showed that side to you; he was sensitive and caring.

You swallow hard, letting go of his sweaty hand, facing towards the shining stars.

"You sure about that? You want someone who is emotional all the time? You don't know me, Harrington. I'm not okay. I am broken. I want to be numb all the time. How could you possibly love that?" Voice cracking in the end, you close your eyes to stop the tears that wanted to fall. You usually never showed any emotion, you didn't want to be weak, but right now you couldn't help but let a tear slip down your cold cheek.

"You're all I need and all I want." He turns on his side, "(Y/N), to me you are perfect." Steve scoots closer, and you turn your face to his, his hot breath fanning your cheek. "you mean more to me than you'll ever know." You could feel your heart beat faster and your hands were slightly shaking again. You didn't want to catch feelings again, but the way Steve's eyes showed adoration for you was enough to send you over the edge. You wanted him to hold you, to never let you go. You wanted to feel something.

"Steve?" You ask quietly, fumbling with your fingers.


"You're all I want, too."


I know I know, it's been a 'lil bit since I've wrote, but schools back and it's stressful af.

Also, here's part two! I feel like it didn't go as good as I planned it, but hope you enjoyed!

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