:please stay: steve harrington

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"Don't go, please stay with me

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"Don't go, please stay with me."


- STEVE HARRINGTON WASN'T usually the type of boy who would get attached to a girl, or any girl for that matter, but Nancy was different, or so he thought. Steve sat outside by his pool, drinking and smoking mindlessly, crying over the girl he thought loved him.

He had called you over an hour later he found out Nancy broke up with him, and you being a good friend, decided to join in on the drinking and smoking, even though it wasn't good for the both of you.

As you sat next to him, taking one final drag of a cigarette, you turned to him, studying his broken features.His usually perfect brown hair was a mess, bags showing visibly underneath his eyes, and his cheeks were red and blotchy from crying. Sighing, you stood up, grabbing the beer bottle from his hand. He mumbled a small 'hey' and tried to grab it back, failing miserably.

"C'mon Harrington, you need to go to bed." You didn't even know what time it was, but you knew it was late. Steve groaned as you tried to pull him up, but he didn't budge. You sighed. "I'm not kidding, Steve. You need to sleep this off, we can talk in the morning." Once again, he groaned in response, but at least stood up. You helped him walk inside, stumbling a bit as you reached his bedroom. Steve plopped on his bed face first, mumbling words that you couldn't hear.

"(Y/N)? Don't go, please stay with me." His voice broke with every word he spoke, causing you to wince. You huffed, pulling him upwards and tucking him under his blankets. He pulled you under with him, holding you close to his chest. Feeling his warmth made you sleepy, but you knew this wasn't right. He didn't actually feel this way; he was hurt.

He was broken.

"Steve," You quietly said, swallowing hard. You wanted to tell him, tell him that this isn't right. You couldn't catch feelings for Steve Harrington, but you slowly found yourself doing so.

Is it because I want to feel something, too?

Steve stirred, opening his brown eyes. "Please stay, (Y/N), please." He hugged you closer, nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck. You shivered as his hot breath fanned your cool neck.

Soon enough, Steve was asleep, snoring softly, chest rising up and down in a smooth rhythm. You were slowly falling asleep, but something tugged at the back of your mind.

He's just broken; he doesn't care.


holy crap it's been a while since I've updated this, but guess who's back?

schools finally out so that means i can write more and read more lmao, and i know this was short and crappy but i wanted to put something up.

anyways, i hope you enjoyed this and i can't wait to write more! xx

- jenna

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