:you're mine: steve harrington

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"In the end, I'm always yours

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"In the end, I'm always yours."


- SMOKE FILLED THE air as you were sitting in a empty chair, sipping on cheap beer you didn't even like. People crowded everywhere; dancing, taking shots, or too busy messing around due to the alcohol consumption. You were in your own little world, distracting yourself with the music playing. Some people asked you if you wanted to dance - it was a party after all, but you politely declined and drank away like everyone else.

But something, or someone caught your eye, causing you to chug more of your cheaply made beverage. The pain that ached in her heart reminded you of why you were drinking anyway - you wanted to feel nothing due to the person standing across the room from you.

Of course, though, the person that made you feel everything was here tonight.

Steve Harrington made his way towards you, a mischievous look in his brown orbs, his lips curled into a smirk. You could feel your whole body stiffen as he was standing right in front of you, looking at you up and down. You groan.

"Harrington," You greeted as you took another sip from your cup, wishing that you could disappear at this very moment. Steve grinned, chuckling.

"What are you doing here, babe? Thought parties weren't your thing." He questioned, raising a dark eyebrow. You shrug, faking a smile.

"Since when did you care what I think or do? You stopped caring a long time ago." Getting up, you started to head outside away from him, since everything came flooding in on why your heart pounded furiously with pain.

"(Y/N)! Wait, let's talk about this!" Steve followed after you, grabbing your hand and pulling you with him. He took you to the balcony upstairs, grabbing a water bottle on the way. You wanted to punch and scream at him, but you held back, feeling everything crush inside you. He handed you the bottle, but you furiously chucked it off the balcony, Steve staring wide-eyed at you.

"What the hell do you want, Steve? You left me, remember? You left me for her! It was always her and it will always be! God, why can't you just leave?" As you yelled, hot tears flooded down your cheeks, your head becoming dizzy. Steve stared at you, hurt flashing in his orbs. For a minute, you thought, you could feel him worry.

"(Y/N)," Steve began, etching closer to you. Slowly backing up, you end up backing into the balcony walls. He cups your face with his hands, wiping your tears away. "I never meant to hurt you, that's the last thing I wanted. I'm sorry I'm such an asshole, but I swear to god, it didn't mean shit. You, on the other hand, mean so much to me. I screwed up, but I'm truly sorry." You shook your head, trying to ignore the feelings rushing through you wildly.

Steve always had that affect on you; making you feel incredibly amazing, even when he barely touches you, it drives you crazy.

"It kills me knowing that I hurt you, (Y/N). Can, can you give me another chance? I want to start over, give this another try. Even if you don't want to, I'll wait for you. God, (Y/N) I will never stop waiting for you, because in the end I'm always yours." You bit your lip as you watched his eyes look towards your lips.

It was obvious; Steve Harrington wanted you, and he wanted you very bad. It would drive him insane not being able to be with you, but if it was what you wanted, then he would wait.

Steve placed your hand on his chest and you felt how his heart pumped fast, beating heavily all for you. He smiled widely.

"Do you feel this? I only feel this with you; you're the only one who makes my heart beat faster and slower at the same time. As crazy as that sounds, it's true." You smiled like an idiot, wiping away your tears. Steve looked at you with pure adoration, and even though he screwed up, his apology was sure a damn good one.

You lightly punched him on his shoulder, earning a loud 'ow' from him. Not the reaction he was going for.

"Don't do things behind my back, Harrington, or that won't be the only place I hit." He chuckled, pulling you closer to him, your noses touching. Even when you two have had many moments like this, he never failed to make you feel wonderfully happy. Steve pulled you in for a sweet, but rough kiss. You leaned more into him, wrapping your arms around his neck. When he pulls away, he smirks at you playfully.

"So, you're thinking what I'm thinking?" Steve wriggles his eyebrows suggestively at you, winking, but of course looking like a dork. You slap his arm, rolling your eyes, but laughing lightly.


{ a/n }

sorry i haven't updated this in a while; writers block sucks im sorry. anyways, i know this isn't as good, but it was just a small idea that came lol.

hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! xx

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