:heavenly touches: steve harrington

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"Your touch is like heaven and I can't get enough

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"Your touch is like heaven and I can't get enough."

{smut time. wrap it before you tap it}


ALL YOU WANTED was him at the moment; his skin on yours, lips pressed gently on your own as you two filled the void of being apart for way too long, soaking in each other's warmth. Steve didn't hold back on making you call out his name, a sound that was melodic to his ears every time he kissed a certain spot on your neck. His eyes would gaze your covered body and he would lick his lips in anticipation, holding back so he could enjoy making you feel so good. And damn, it would be a sin to lie and say he wasn't.

"God, you're so beautiful." He whispered in your ear before biting it gently, causing you to arch your back at the sudden pleasure that fluttered throughout your body. Steve laughed softly at your reaction and kissed you delicately, yet urgent to show that he wanted you badly. You couldn't help but moan.

"Steve," You tugged on his white shirt, dragging your nails on his stomach and earning a groan in response from your messy-haired boyfriend. Smirking, you wrap your legs around his abdomen to make you two more close.

The heat between you both was unbearable. Hands were touching everywhere, lips crashing hard against each other, and sounds were made that was like harmony.

Steve reached his hand underneath your shirt, his cold fingers brushing against your left breast and you whimper, using your feet to try and get his pants off, but he doesn't budge. Instead, he chuckles at your impatience and begins to rub your sensitive nipple and kiss along your jaw again.

"J-just touch me Steve. Oh god please," He stops above your breast, sucking one more time before pulling your shirt over your head - kissing you in the process. You blush as he stares you with nothing but love and adoration. He loved when it came to moments like this; feeling your body move against his was heaven and he would do it again and again just to hear his angel sing for him.

It was now Steve's turn to pull his shirt over his head, then go back to kissing you more roughly as the sudden sexual tension grew more. He quickly pulled away to push you gently back towards the bed and peck your stomach before slipping your pants off. You whimper as he leaves a trail of sloppy kisses along your thigh, making sure to have contact with you along the way.

"Oh fuck," Steve bites somewhat harshly then stands up, his pants quickly coming down. You can't help but stare at his bulge; face turning red again once he winks at you.

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