:love notes: steve harrington

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"Is it obvious that I'm helplessly in love with you?"

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"Is it obvious that I'm helplessly in love with you?"

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– LOVE NOTES. That's what you and your friend would call them whenever they would mysteriously appear in your lockers or the desk that you sat in. As strange as it was, you found yourself loving them, excited whenever you found them. Some would either be short messages or long, cute ones that made your heart flutter in your chest. Your friend would joke around with you saying that you had a 'secret admirer' or 'stalker', but you brushed it off anyways.

On this particular day, you were standing by your locker, getting ready to head to math class when a small note card fell on the floor. Raising an eyebrow, you quickly pick it up and examine it.

'Hope you have a wonderful day beautiful xx'

Heart beating rapidly in your chest, you smile and put it in your bag, shutting your locker shut. Your friend caught up to you and wrapped an arm around your shoulder, beaming with a smirk.

"You get a note today, beautiful?" She teased. You blush, rolling your eyes before digging in your bag for the note. Handing it to her, she laughs. "Whoever it is, they're in love with you! God, I wish I knew who it was." As she says this, you didn't notice that a certain brunette was watching you from afar. In fact, he doubted you would ever guess it was him - even though he was widely known from the school.

Together, you both head to math class, the anonymous stranger on your mind.


The next day there was another note, but taped to the locker this time. There was a tiny heart with the words, 'Looking gorgeous as ever. Have a great day doll.' Once again, it made you melt inside. You just wished you could figure out who your secret admire was, you desperately wanting to know.

Shutting the locker shut, your faced with somebody you thought you'd never see around you.

Steve Harrington leaned against your locker, hands stuffed in his pockets as he took in your appearance. Even though you only wore mom jeans and a oversized sweatshirt, you were absolutely stunning in his eyes. Steve found himself loving whatever you wore, hence the notes of course.

You bite the inside of your cheek, face tinting with a light blush. Steve grins at that.

"Hey," That's all he said to make your stomach flutter with butterflies; that one word. Steve had always been your small crush that never seemed to go away and now that he was standing in front of you, well, you were a mess.

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