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I'm sitting here on the floor thinking about all the pain I've caused you.

Not just you but other people too.I don't know what's wrong with me so.I just fuck everything up naturally.

Or maybe it just wasn't meant to be. Im useless
A fuck-up
A stupid bitch who can't even do anything right .
I cries myself to sleep every night the first time I made that terrible mistake.But I can't go back into time and change it.I wish i could but i cant .

The tears start pouring out thousands at a time.
The melody of my soft voice singing "Smiley-Unthinkable" fills my ears and makes me regret what i did even more .
I sing I hit all the high notes not missing a beat.
The tears keep pouring as lyrics to "Kehlani-nights Like This" flow fluently from my lips and I grow a pounding headache.

I sing..I sing until I can't anymore I sing until my throat is swollen and sore.
And i repeat over and over again "im sorry" yet it means nothing to you
"Im sorry..so fucking sorry"the tears and melody of my voice start yet again.


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